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It is french president trump. I'm here today for the french. President trump weekly press conference roles. I want to thank you all for gathering in front of historic. What get yard irrigation solutions. Bill dang i shall now take questions from zip press mr president birth. Thank you mr president. Tony romo with. Abc news mr president. Some people on fox news and some leaders in the republican party has said that you need to be given time and space to accept your loss. Why are you different than any other officeholder. Who gets voted out. I am really fell. Run tony romo. I come from a long line of unprosecuted. Criminelles chits and billy's have always been able to buy people off or sweating zen to get what we want. This shit is very jarring. I am niche. Only losing. I'm losing a way of life next question next question president. Thank you so much. mr president. Jimmy tangled beacon hill. Press mr president before the election. You said winning is easy. Losing is hard at least for me. It is mr president. Are you under the impression that there are people who liked to lose. I beat the shit out of melania in britain up and she did not command so long as she gets to decorate for christmas. She is up next question. Next question over yes. Yes yes yes. Karen van carlson. Oh a. n. what did you think when you came back from your golf game on saturday and saw the streets filled with joy of cheering crowds. You must've had a hell of a golf game. Sir sake you care on. It was quite good next question. Next question suburban. Thank you mr president. Tom snell from cnn sir. You have refused to concede the election. That joe biden has won by significant margins yet. You are still doing nothing to address the most pressing problem in the nation and the world the coronavirus. You don't eat with the task force and you yet to create a national strategy. Why do i have done. A crab. cubans are loose. You want to be present. Don't you think he will do a better job. His his wife is it took their. What has she done to cure it. Values has anyone noticed that. Dr jill but. Dan has done nothing but massage attention. Engine buzz sir. Dr jill biden is not a medical doctor. She has a doctorate in education. Everyone with dr in front of their name is not a medical doctor. And while we're at sir. Every medical doctor is not an epidemiologist. Dr have specialties. You've chosen a guy who reads xrays to head your covid nineteen task force. Why would we need an epidemiologist for avow. Reuss epidemiologists is for the skin. Epidermis you idiot See your epidermis right now. Your epidermis is showing ha. I'm sorry sir but a dermatologist. For skin and epidemiologist studies diseases within populations shit next question necks quest. John mr. yes. Thank you mr president. Mieko taylor with essence magazine. In a recent speech you referred suppose they you said were called suppression polls. You said they may even be illegal suppression polls. What does the suppression pollster. It is at balls. It is correct. Polling is not an exact science sir. Of course it is it. If it was a sales. I would not allow the information to be released in fat. Legally voters do not have to answer poster questions nor answer them honestly. Many of your voters are so ashamed of supporting you that they lied to the pollsters. That shows what you know you. Nba out there. Not shamed just like to la like me next question next question. Excessive thank you. Thank you so much. Mr president. jimmy tingle beacon hill. Press mr president. Why don't you just admit you've lost sir. Your child's behavior is damaging your legacy. Oh behavior is childish. And i will leave until i've pooped in every drawer in zero resolute desk and created a lasting foul smelling z. Lincoln bedroom and colored myself onto every president. Donncha portrayed ngo what else takes you head next question next question decides thank you mr president tony rumble with abc news. Mr president. Are you at all concerned that by delaying president-elect the transition process that you will be risking our nation's security ten should that care about security. This niche sean. Do you not understand that. If i'm not president i will not be able to strings for an ethical international. A business longer. Do you know what that means. I'll tell you what's edmund. Every day i will have to listen to. What did you lose the election now. I cannot much these patrols up a must have an unfair business. Evan taj or i will not be able to afford more fish. Beckel people will see the actual skin of my gosh papa. John next thursday yes. Yes caravan girls and again and sir you have fired. Several senior people from the defense department and there are those who save. Replace them with trump loyalists. Are there more slots to fill sir. Zehr may be keiron and our like to discuss it what you were there. Could you meet me in my room tonight. I could sir thank you karen and bring it rolled up magazine. We'll see how strong your department of defense can be if asked. I will serve sir next.

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