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And all sorts of arenas long before it became a political symbol co opted by the left. But I I didn't even know until today that there is also a trends flag. A trans flag transnational flag. Now, let's say transgender flag. A flag. And the Huffington Post is excited to announce that a new democrat member of the house of representatives from Virginia. No, less Representative Jennifer Weston. Flies. Trans pride flag outside her Capitol Hill office there is no room for the American flag. And the Huffington Post is very excited about it. After Thursday's swearing-in ceremony. Representative Jennifer waxed democrat Virginia hung a trans gender pride flag outside her office next to the official Virginia state flag. Congratulations Virginia, the newly minted congresswoman from the state's tenth district. This is what you get told the Washingtonian that the flag is a personal show of solidarity. Because she says she has an aunt who has a child who is transgender. Well, that's a good enough explanation for me. Now does that explain? Does that explain everything that we say, no, it doesn't that doesn't come close Russia to lead with the and this is just amazing. It's absolutely appalling. They Rashida to lead thing with the short version of the MFN because this is the new civility that Hillary promised. After the Democrats win the house of representatives..

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