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Official, Russia, Christopher Krebs discussed on Red Eye Radio


A wide ranging orchestrated effort by twelve russian military intelligence officials to hack into democratic computers prior to the two thousand sixteen election the release came just days after a top homeland security official told a house committee russia doesn't appear to be as active as it was the intelligence community has yet to see any evidence of a robust campaign aimed at tampering with our election infrastructure along the lines of two thousand sixteen or influencing the makeup of the house or senate races undersecretary christopher krebs said russia is using social media and other means to try to sow discord and divide the country jerry bowed lender washington the los angeles county sheriff's civilian oversight commission wants the sheriff to investigate accusations of what is being called a disturbing subculture within the sheriff's department more from jim roope in sworn testimony during a fatal shooting investigation a sheriff's deputy reportedly admitted he had about twenty other deputies have matching skull tattoos this could indicate say some that even after the implementation of reforms a subculture of clandestine groups among deputies that promote aggressive tactics and a code of silence among members may still exist share of jim mcdonnell says while tattoos are widely accepted today he's looking into whether it's simply body art or part of a much more disturbing subculture jim roope los angeles the government is being ordered to pay the cost cost of reuniting migrant families after separating them at the us mexican border i'm barton eckert if you have hard water the limescale not only leaves white.

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