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Something like that? Yeah. Wow. This is a good choice to how did you come up with this being so young? I always loved those rock and roll. And I remember the movie LA Bamba his way to open in the end one. Yeah. Yeah. I was going to say that when you first said sleep the way LA baba open and what I was talking about. That is great. Rachel good job. Thanks for the call to New Jersey. One award point five LA Bamba. The Ritchie Valance story from nineteen eighty seven Lou diamond Phillips plays Richie balance. And it opens up where these kids are playing. And there's a plane flying overhead and this music is playing and the, you know, they look up in the sky at the plane, and then all of a sudden the plane just blows crashes and Lou diamond Phillips playing Ritchie Valentine's weeks up and like he's having a nightmare. That he was afraid to fly in the real story as always a real story when it comes to a movie was dead, which you've Valentine's never been in a plane before. And there was a record guy whose name I can't remember who had the third seat on the plane and Rishi valley's and this record guy ended up tossing a coin to see who would get the third seat on the plane the first one which evaluates at the second Valentine's wins the coin to us and gets the seat on the plane and announces is the first thing I've ever won in my life. Seventeen years old one eight hundred two eight three one.

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