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I A dot com. Click on the ask Ray button, send us an Email. We got some business owner emails in trying to get those perhaps during the course of this program as I said, I've got a lot going on here mister, Johnny dean. Yep. I don't exactly know where to start except that Senator Grassley as in Chuck was talking the other day in front of a group. I don't know which group was, but he's the Senate finance committee chairman. And he said they're working hard on trying to get that Reza act or the secure act. Passed. So it would seem to me that one of the things we may want to be talking about here, and the near term is are there any strategies that people should be thinking about in the event, the very I think, likely event that the secur- Aretha act happens, and you're not gonna be able to do stretch IRA's anymore. Well, there's that part of it, and there's also I think the required minimum distribution changed the age change. I think you could probably work in some Roth conversion strategy, gives you a little more time. Doesn't it gives you more time? There's some people who don't want to do conversions until they retire at sixty five or whatever it is because they're in a high tax bracket. And then if they only have between sixty five and seventy two to, to convert some of that money out of, maybe what could be a large IRA, then if, if they had an extra two years, or even five years to do it, it could be helpful. It could be very, very helpful. But I start today. Hey with this. We've been trying to get this for a while tax smart. Investing sit back folks. Relax I think you're going to enjoy this little live. There could be said about tax managing your portfolio..

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