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Basically looking like you just through some broccoli on top. It was just unfortunately, all the bad makings of a not great dish. And I know we said coming into this that Adrian is going to have to really impress in Macau. And while she did find in the quick fire. I think this just shows that you know, maybe she did well enough to make it to top five. But it's clear that the other four I think thought through this challenge a bit more to edge her out. But like I said, it is it is a situation where it seemed like even though we heard the most negative feedback of the dish of the about the dishes, only when they were deciding who goes home, it seemed like the overall the judges still did like all the food that they ate so. Yeah. That's at least a good thing for the chefs for sure, yeah. I feel like actually from the I would say from the basketball challenge on safer a couple of elements from people's dishes. They've really loved these what everyone has put out in this season. We have not had a season fifteen esque, Tom. Giving everyone a pep talk about what they need to do in order to do better in the competition. It seems like these shifts have been impressing at least in the past few episodes, which is good. I think it shows the level of enjoyment. These judges are getting across. I do completely agree that we we should repeat that these judges really really loved all these dishes. It's just a matter of minor quibbles while Adrian did not necessarily produce a bad dish. It was the worst of a really good bunch. And so by default she had to go Haley. What did you think about Eric's take on togetherness, his coconut curry with the pork shoulder and the pork ears? It sounds great. And it I think it's just like one of the situation. Like you're saying before where it was good. But it just wasn't as good as the best ones. And you know, there wasn't enough space. There could have been more flavor to it. Just didn't come off as great as I think Eric wanted it to or you know, that Eric actually thought it did. 'antonio? I wonder if want to hear from you about this was also publicized on the promos. Eric speaks up at judges table where Pama makes his critique that with your tie chilly that you made your curry. I couldn't really or the coconut curry I couldn't really detect. What was in? Specifically they were talking about how the lead she had gotten lost. And Eric speaks up and says, you know, I respectfully disagree. I feel like when you make a curry specifying ingredients is an important all the matters is tasting good because everyone has a type of curry that they they're used to what did you make of Eric's decision? Just sort of push back on the judges with that the he handled it well Adrian pushes back a little bit too. I don't think the judges. I don't think it affected what they were deciding about the dishes. I think Eric push back the way he pushed back I understand what he was saying. We also heard the feedback that he used the richest of coconut which the with the richest meat, and so you're in a situation where maybe. Wasn't just that the lead. You didn't stand out enough? It was some of these other choices that were made in the composition of his dish. Which impacted all of that? It wasn't just at the curry was tasty. I I think he was in a little bit of a difficult spot, and it did sound like just in maybe gave him the feedback about the heat of the thing. But it wasn't like the heat. The lack of the heat of the thing was why the judges had issues with the dish. They basically said lack of clarity. It's muddy. And I understand that. He would want to step up for his dish and say, it's not money. But or the muddiness was intended or the muddiness doesn't affect why. Whether he made a good curry or not. But I think when you're in the final five here, the judges enjoyed everything I think these finer points are wa the difference between why you go home or not. So I do get important begun up for your dish. And to speak up for the choices that you made. It is it's a fascinating disagreement. Right. Because it's Eric..

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