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Wrestling podcast. I am beyond the mat mcgarvy with me. Pro wrestling paddle on Thome Sibley. Hey, greetings from Saudi Arabia. I've gone over here. And I'm pretty I'm digging. It man I'm doing there's a lot of cool stuff. John's changed his tune on Saudi Arabia analogy span. Yeah, I'm actually being beamed in via Skype. We're having some fun out here for us. The ring professional wrestling encyclopedia of April. Back baby. It's once again, it's Wednesday. He's back baby. And this is actually being recorded on Wednesday. It's as if kind of like the last month, we've been doing it says if they have double triple Univer triple W universe down on the fact that they're going to Saudi Arabia, and then they're just going to do everything else to fucking stick it up the the fans asked, right? So then we'll put HOGAN in yet to birds. We'll have Shane turn up at the fuck. Best the land. We're going to have Brock peop-. Then then somebody got word to undertaker and Kane now when Sean flips off the top rope don't catch them. Let them let them smash as boy toy face. You know, I was I was watching it on an elliptical machine and HOGAN comes out and has just like all right. So they're just you know, you think this is fucked up checkout this code you. Like, you're watching porn on the train. You're looking around like watching. And then I start watching it. And I watched some highlights of it. But it was just I honestly had that feeling of of like don't support this. This just don't well. You know, what couldn't support itself was triple h peck where or when you try Dottie his muscle screaming at just up the human chess is not supposed to look like that. When you severely over- develop a muscle like that and you use may be questionable. Pharmaceuticals or whatever you wanna call it. Let's let's let's be honest. Who's asking the questions, you know, you're gonna tear your fucking peck off the bone. I mean, Jesus it has suffered a few muscle tears in his career. He's has he ever torn us bicep or was that. My arm thinking to China, Hashi, tears bicep, and then it came back in the leather jacket that was the plots that was no leather jacket. No, he came back from the quads wearing they all Denham. He's had another. He's had another muscle. Tear up top. I don't know which one it was try or a by because because those are all three of the post Royd injury that you see in in sports like the never never reformed sports were guys tearing quads and PECS and biceps until. Dr is just like, you know, Paul. This is gonna keep happening getting worse as you get older. So maybe trips just give it two straight stop using steroids..

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