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Ash this is A. M. nine seven the answer twenty one degrees at six thirty five am elder to low with local news first here's what's going on protesters are blasting immigration and customs enforcement after a man was shot in the face by an icy agent during a deportation arrest in Brooklyn New York residents of elected officials credit outside my mom Anne's hospital Thursday night demanding answers reports indicate the ice age was serving a deportation order at a home in Gravesend Thursday morning after a man was stopped earlier this week with an allegedly forged a Connecticut license plates that man was tased before being taken into custody into custody but his girlfriend's twenty six year old son allegedly jumped him when was shot in the face the shooting victim was rushed to the hospital in serious condition but he's expected to survive as we were just mentioning some of the passengers in a row Caribbean cruise ship that arrived in bay on this morning we're going to be tested for the twenty nineteen novel novel coronavirus the New York Post is reporting at least a dozen Chinese nationals aboard the vessel or already in isolation the centers for disease control and prevention has not designated with the testing will a car but it will take place after docking the oldest emerged to move in China in December now globally includes tens of thousands of cases of more than six hundred deaths state health officials say the risk of not of court of Irish transmission in New Jersey remains low in sports islanders over the kings five to three double set up the flyers five nothing mixed with their third win in a row being the magic one oh five to one oh three sports is brought to you by retro fitness of Flemington New Jersey sign up for their ultimate membership today and enjoy a zero dollar and Roman fee retro fitness your goals your way stuck in traffic W. Ames got the answer good morning out let's go out to the sawmill the saw mill south down that ramp into one seventeen it looks like everything close here in Bedford it's all due to an ongoing accident investigation traffic is moving slowly this morning as you had to seventy eight seventy eight west bound by exit twenty a collision looks like one lane remains blocked we're still seeing delays over on route ten west at center Grove road into rand off for the crash and twenty three two lanes blocked in each direction by door Compton turnpike getting up here for chronic with an accident there as well it's going to be stopping go as well as you head over to the east bound go wanted sewing down up and out toward the prospect over on the van wick northbound jammed up into queens Boulevard with that accident as well and some stop and go traffic on the L. I. ease the rap to the beach you a with an accident right on the ramp look.

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