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And whenever he would walk in and we asked him, like, sir, what? What is it like for you? And he said, well, I'm a pilot. Does it really matter? I just get up and fly and that's about it. But you had difficulty airforce? Exactly. Real original. Yeah. So sounds like at least you did something instead of just goof around in the air. Paychecks and you know, I think we'd be remiss not to mention. So in the military, we have a very, I think light sense of humor. I think everyone tries to keep everything humorous just because of the nature of what we deal with every day. You gotta tell me, you know, we've all seen probably people imitate our commanders. What was it like to see Melissa McCarthy imitate you on Saturday Night. Live because I'm a big SNL guy in that really was like the highlight of the season. For you? Not. Sorry. Yeah. I. You know, it was surreal. I've I've mentioned before. I mean, it was just it to your point. It's conic like I'd grown up. Imitation is the sincerest form of the difference is, is that I thought it was funny. I got a kick out and then I was like, holy crap. That's me. And also recognize the fact that that I had now was going. I mean, it's funny as I thought it was, I went, oh my God. I'm actually now going to become the story. Right? And that's just a horrible, horrible place to be professionally. Sure. Well, I think at the same time I feel like the military sense of humor. I'm like, painting all at the same brush, but we all have it. But I mean, look at what you did at the Emmys when you went and predicted that the Emmys broadcast of the largest audience and Emmys history period. I feel like that's so smart. And so like that's part of it is that you know, look, I, I was for most Americans. They saw one guy standing up there for thirty frames Yellow River escort. Okay. Like if I can go have some fun and show people like, hey, look, I can take Joe. I'm a human being. Then let's have some fun. And that was kind of the deal that I had. Kobe, which is if you want to do this and you wanna make it funny and I can put a little fun at myself. Then I'm all in if you wanna make this mean whatever. Then I just don't want to be part of it, I think, but you have to understand like, I'm sure you do understand that. There's a certain part of society as well that will never stop holding your feet to the fire for the things they thought that you like contributed to correct. I get it, but you know, I mean, that's so all I can do. I mean, what I basically said going forward is I'm gonna go out and have things. I enjoy that I think are fun and that you know, make sense for me, but so I'm not going to go. I mean, I've been offered endorsement deals and other Stillie things where I'm like, okay, that's silly. That's demeaning. I get it though that there are people that are gonna forever go. I don't care what you do or say, I'm not gonna let you. Okay. Yeah, but I think that's unfair because as as you said you were going out there and you were relaying a message that wasn't Sean Spicer up there, and here's what I think on these issues and and fight me on this..

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