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Field. That's where the Washington football team plays. Adm. Course, it is. That's the giants and the jets Levi's stadium where the forty niners play. So those are the dirtiest stadiums that got high marks for cleanliness include. Ta. Bank field. That's where the Jaguars play Lucas Oil stadium for the colts and Heinz field. A gimme a break. These people have never been to the old pit stadium after they just gave up on it and like head like years left. You're basically walking through a condemned building to watch the backyard brawl or we're not getting. Radio just. In the last three years when they said. All right. Let's we're not spending a dime on this place and it just dilapidated week to week in front of everybody's eyes. I mean how many times I was at those games and that was like the X. generation they stunt like the penguins stunk and it was easy to get tickets to every game. You remember going into the club's section and be like all right dude we're sitting in the club. This is sweet and you get down there like this is the club this is a dump like the. Nurse like ramp there's a TV hanging from its mooring little crooked and it was like an old tube TV from like one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, five. WAS SUPPOSED TO BE VIP down here. that. Really. The Most Amazing Stadium I've ever been in terms of cleanliness is dodger stadium. It shined I agree. It gets a lot of traffic I mean. If a gum wrapper, hit the Florida some guy ran to pick it up. You could eat a dodger dog off the floor. You wouldn't think twice about it. That place was amazing and the Best Stadium I think I've ever been in for customer service and convenience is. New Yankee Stadium. I. GotTa say the Big toaster where we went last year the the Phoenix Arizona cardinals. Their stadium was pretty they're. Pretty clean except. We keep in soil that up a little bit. Hey. Somebody spit over here. It's just it's clean. Total Humble Brag. But when when I first got DVD, we covered the Olympics and went to Sydney Australia. ANZ. Stadium The Sydney Multipurpose Stadium. That was like getting into a like a luxury hotel. Every seat was it was just impeccable nobody litters over there. If somebody drops a French fry on the ground, they clean it up. You know as opposed to here where you kick it in front of the seat. The seats in front of you and hope it doesn't go too far. So that it's under the person seat. You go perfect I don't WanNa come out between the guys feet in front of you. So he looks right? Yeah. You don't want him to see. Throwing fries. Now, you just want to have an ice accumulation of your garbage under the seat of other of you just where they can't see it. So what is a common skill? You just do not possess A new read at survey asked that question some of the most common responses having a sense of direction. I'm pretty good with that. folding lawn. Oh. The worst. Worst. Folding laundry. I can't get the shirts to be even like there's always a bump where the sleeves are. Do you. Do you fold one sleeve in than the others leave in your you get fancy you get just retail store. That's not how I do it. I tried to just. I always fail. I told the whole shirt in half and then Tuck the sleeves in unfolded in half. Now that sounds fancy. I just feel like I I work at the gap whenever I do laundry. Residence. Home. So battle. Horrible. Garbage use a roll of duct tape on present. Whistling. I can't. Get your fingers in your mouth one which during. Shouldn't anymore. I do like a regular like you. Like me and Julio. I can't do like I used to be able to. Pick. What happened I can do. With your. Old Hobo. I can either really loud whistle your hands clean enough to give the big whistle. Yeah. But I just put lotion on they might be you want me to do. I mean not not not feel uncomfortable I don't want you to do if you feel uncomfortable. Her Ball. Better. Plug your ears. Good. Oh my God. Don't do that again. Watch your. Dogs neighborhood. But I can't do. Can't do that I used to be able to. Allow you work. Yeah Yeah. But it doesn't matter. You have the call, your your posse whistle, and that's the one that really matters. That's house. Snapping your fingers. I can eat not snap your fingers you do that I don't know some people can't shuffling cards. In, you Torture me with that, my grandmother used to just be so disappointed in my inability to be a great card Shuffler. I'm like, I. Don't sit around. Playing Gin Rummy for twelve hours. Grandma. Tell you smoking fish I'm not a magician. Blowing bubbles with gum. Course swimming. Into my neighbor's. Swimming. Can, you swim any bowl randy better you grow up on a lake? and finally typing without looking at the keyboard. that. I am. Doyle my high school typing teacher. I am a great typist. It's so funny. Because I had missed CARPI and I remember the class and it was I was really bad at it and we used to throw bananas at the chalkboard. And? Okay having nothing to do with her her ability to teach just because that's you know that was altered is. Typing. Cover your hands with a paper if she caught you looking at the keyboard. Oh. Wow. Okay. Nice technique and. We actually had the old trick typewriters. And we thought they were fancy. Like the ever really advanced. The only typewriter I had at home was one of the old. The old school ones a hard to anytime. I had a type of paper for high school I hated that. And those ribbons would just feet. Those are mess. How did we do anything back then? We have to make a correction yet, but the correction paper in there and. You were talking about the the old Tube TV's at the arena. How.

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