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CBS, Donald Trump, Chicago discussed on KNX Evening News with Diane Thompson

KNX Evening News with Diane Thompson
1 year ago

Jacoby, Steve Mnuchin And CBS discussed on KNX Evening News

KNX Evening News
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Minutes on the fives. After CBS news. Diane Thompson, what time is it. It's seven o'clock. CBS news on the hour. I'm Pam Coulter. A gunman killed five people at a suburban Chicago manufacturing warehouse before police fatally shot him CBS has coal Killian police surrounded the Henry manufacturing company outside. Chicago was the city of Aurora tweeted a warning of an active shooter, dozens of emergency vehicles converged on the plant, including local and federal law enforcement CBS affiliate W, B B M described the scene on the ground. You can just see the sheer number of ambulances that are gathered in this parking lot of the facility. There are a number of officers out in unmarked vehicles with their guns. Drawn long guns rifles the city put local schools on lockdown through the incident asking the community to stay safe and indoors five police officers were wounded the suspect is identified as forty five year old Gary Martin his. Mother reportedly told police he had been laid off two weeks ago as expected President Trump declared a national emergency. It's a southern border in order to get money for a wall, knowing he would trigger a major court battle CBS's. Major Garrett has more administration refused to say which projects will now lose money. I won't go into details. But didn't sound too important to me. Fortunately, Donald Trump is not the last word. The courts will be the last word. California's democratic governor Gavin Newsom is already preparing a lawsuit challenging Mr. Trump's emergency, declaration, other states, and advocacy groups may also sue the democratically led house his likely to move to block the president army secretary marquess Burs taken note of stories that many military families are forced to live in unhealthy conditions, including mold bestest and rats. CBS has chip Reid secretary esperer said he wants to renegotiate contracts with property management companies to give tenants more power. Including a clear Bill of rights for our families for our soldiers. Enforceable? Absolutely. So they know what they can do what what their rights are that they can bring to the chain of command. If they feel that the contractors are not meeting their needs Janna Wanner whose family lives at fort Meade in Maryland is encouraged by the new focus on military housing conditions, but worries if it will last a storm continues to dump snow and rain in California, flooding roads, causing power outages and mudslides. The sausalito woman's home was hit by a mudslide. All of a sudden there was this. Hacking San and things were tumbling all over the on top of me. I had trees on top of me. I had bams on top of me. She only suffered cuts to her face. The Dow is up four forty three today. This is CBS news..