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The factory jury during that Long Australia. Day weekend just days. After Jane Arna Ingredient Beaumont had vanished now. According to David the whole was about seven in yards long about one yard wide and about as deep as a young boy is tall and he said it was located away way from where that two thousand and thirteen day had taken place now. They didn't think anything weird of this job at the time because they had no reason to doubt. Harry's like you know again awesome Nice upstanding citizen. He was paying them good money for their Labor but David said it wasn't until decades later when he saw that here he was on the news that he finally made the connection action to the Beaumont children so armed with his fresh information as well as a fresh location to search police. Archaeologists and forensic experts returned turned the old castaway factory Melinda Macmillan wrote for Newcastle Star in two thousand eighteen about the search team who had basically what they found was more soil anomalies. Right near where David said. He and Robin had doug back in sixty six. which makes sense? 'cause you know. Anomalies can show anything even digging and we know they dug their and right. So it's not a lot upfront. But at least enough to spark yet another excavation and before the dig police officially named Harry as a suspect suspect in the disappearance of the Beaumont children so on February second two thousand eighteen. The second dig at castaway begins. But but it's called off after less than twelve hours when investigators turn up nothing but some old animal bones Katie. Okay but that doesn't clear Harry like they've only dug a couple of places on his property. Yeah exactly and especially with this like mountain downton or at least a hill of circumstantial evidence. I think Harry is still a fantastic suspect. And I don't think they removed him from their suspect lists I. I have no doubt that he absolutely was a sadistic pedophile during his lifetime and the scars that he left on his victims are clear. But who knows if we'll ever get a one hundred percent clear answer about his possible involvement with the Beaumont's like like police still believe that the Adelaide oval disappearances are connected to the Beaumont kids so if Harry's responsible for one it's totally possible that he's connected to the other but so much time has passed memories memories fade and many of the people who encountered him including Hayden. Angela are now deceased Nancy. Beaumont herself passed away just a little bit ago. On September Sixteenth Two Thousand Nineteen in Adelaide at age ninety two and her husband the Beaumont's father Jin he's actually still alive alive presumably still carrying the hope that however unlikely it might be after all this time he might still learn the truth about what really happened into Jane Arna in grant on that fateful day..

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