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Flag just Lazily waving from bright House and it's a great day here in the Sunshine State we understand from one of our vendors are a lot of our merchants that your countrymen are already coming down. You know up there, The leaves change color. Down here. The license plates change color, and we're seeing a lot of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan. I mean, they're all coming down here to enjoy Everything is what would you like the Atlantic when you like golf If you like this spring's whether you like the forest of Dean. Florida's Opens for business. We're very enticing report and live here and certainly listen and you have is. I said, you've managed the coronavirus well, so we appreciate that report. Barry and I like the leaves of the license plate. That's the line that we're gonna use. Remember that. All right, let's head to another warmer weather destination certainly warmer than where we are West. Let's have tol Texas and New Mexico. Lindsay. I vividly recall our conversation when you were on with us. I had to look up the date, but I remember the conversation you were on with us last August, and you talked about the difference. Is in how Texas and New Mexico we're handling the virus. And I remember being surprised the state parks in New Mexico. When we talked, we're turning away out of staters. You were one of the states that was on a 14 day quarantine for out of staters. So I want you to focus on New Mexico today. What's the latest? How are things in less? Kruse's? Well eating. You know, I can honestly say that is 2021 come around the sun shining a lot more and not just in a geological way. But it's been one of those ways that we have started to open up a little bit more. As far as the state goes, you know, our governor has been a lot more strict about things about the The different access is that we've had our state parks of officially reopened, though, so that is one of our major factors here. The other strange phenomenon we've noticed since August 2 January is an increase of people moving to the area, not just visiting. But coming here to live with us, and it's been from areas like New York and Minnesota. And it's been a very strange phenomenon, and we've been welcoming all of our new citizens lately. This is where our neighbors are going. That's where.

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