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Color stuff the the if you're lucky enough to have a rest the black car viburnum they get real pretty fall color even the Mexican plum gets a real pretty rosy color on cypress how could I have forgotten that the cypress trees and I get no lived on the canal river growing up it was just that we have this giant side person of course our cyber tall long river most beautiful orangey fall color ever in in driftwood I would go with him on a cinema I go with Montezuma cypress period and because it's a lot more drought resistant doesn't need to grow on a river bank and as far as other shrubs and things oakleaf hydrangea not native but well adapted grows so pretty in the shade tear resistant big white beautiful plans and it gets great fall color as to the other Cinemax the other two native Cinemax the aromatica and evergreen CEMAC both get pretty fall color and there's a cute little plant that grows out along the edges of like Travis and this is like that call button push button bush I used to grow a long time ago but bush's cool plant and it gets pretty fall color too all right so there's no excuse for not having a colorful yard this time of year five one two eight three six zero five ninety or toll free eight seven seven five ninety fifty five twenty five and again I would refer you all to the lady bird Johnson's wildflower center a website which is wild flowers dot org and they have this really fun section called what's in season this week so you can go there and see what's blooming at the wild flower center this week and the whiteness flowers the first one they call a shrubby boneset Gulf mule Lee aromatic Astor Maximillion sunflower course possum Hong is not that just blooms but also bear a skeleton leaf goldeneye which is blooming everywhere purring for being Turks calve asters the other kind Astor beauty very wind timers merely those big grasses this is one are being native grasses are big bunch grasses bloom in the fall and that is when they are jealous magnificent may you know blowing in the breeze with their big fluffy seed heads up but we still have Blackfoot daisy blooming we have you know the chocolate daisy blaming all kinds of fun stuff is blooming right now but this is the this is a time of year I was at a place where they had Gulf me only the other day just big stay in the Gulf million is gorgeous it's about a two foot tall grass and it's just covered with purple of blooms to god I have one but they're still lots of other stuff blooming I'm looking at my yard thinking in my brain here what else is up their golden rod golden rod still blaming the beauty very slick really pretty with the purple berry so there's a lot of interest out there naturally things like the native cherry the escarpment sherry those tend to turn a beautiful gold color mind kind of lost their leaves early then like the real drowsy conditions too much sun line pretty much have lost most of their leaves but there's still some other stuff out there at I think I'd mentioned Texas ash he gets a pretty rosy fall color as well so there's a lot of the native trees do get color not on I mean it's certainly not Vermont but it's absolutely gorgeous driving around out in the country out here so all right if you guys don't have any questions I will just keep laughing see what else can we want to talk about today as I mentioned it's time to plant plumbago still blooming Mexican mint marigold is so pretty right now and so is the Mexican bush say H. all the law all the cell is great the eyes are still blooming Pavonia still blaming the rock or the pink one so there's still a lot going on this time of year but this next freeze next couple nights so probably not back some of this stuff so it'll probably look kind of different after this okay let's see five one two eight three six zero five ninety or toll free eight seven seven five ninety fifty five twenty five I guess the only other thing I would say to you is if you have newly planted tender little things like vegetables for annuals or something like that you may want to be prepared to try to protect them from this freeze because if we get in the mid twenties all is gonna do a number on small little plants so you can go get some row cover today or you could get some you know you can you can sometimes if you have individual little tender plants you can invert of containers over need over them but I would figure out some way and fortunately I think we're gonna get a little rain before this hard freeze but if you do not own the sure everything's well watered because that will help them get through it and mulch all right we got another break to get through let's get this over with and then we'll be back Hey this is up if you own your car for a while or maybe you've.

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