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Some very nervous moments there let's see the signing of the season i'll go first year i went on this one was two off i want was lots on lawton ebrahim of which i so badly wanted to go within goal kante but ultimately the fact that united acquireds latin on a free transfer tip the scales for me in his direction he scored seventeen goals in the league by far the most on team 28 in all competitions including two in the fa cup final the opener and then the winner in the eighty seven thminute he's actually the first united player to score twenty plus goals since alex ferguson stepped down in two thousand thirteen they were pretty ordinary with him imagine what they would have been without him and again i just keep going back to the fact that they paid nothing for what turned out to arguably be the best player on their team that had allowed him wages will yet but but for that transfer any what would slot on have gone for on an open market where you know teams would have been bidding for me they right always up there an age but i got to imagine he still be gone for somewhere around thirty forty million all right okay epicenter what are you got my saying the season is a left field selection mamadu soko loan from chris from liverpool to crystal palace palace won't five of eight absolutely crucial games after psycho was parachuted him by sam allardyce as the eagles seemed to be heading straight for the championship now i was his biggest critic at liverpool but asked anti palace fan about how we help them to get out of a very sticky relegation situation and they'll tell you exactly how whiteley was so i won with mamadu soko a grid bit of loan business that probably wasn't obvious to everybody else but to it redid work workout.

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