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Yellow yellow pants look I eight people. Don't like notre dame but i think notre dame has a really good-looking uniform. I'm going to come out and said Houston oilers like the the a baby blue baby blue powder blue. Whatever you wanna call them a. I think it's a it's a. It's unbelievable that we can't just get that back in tennessee Or like i really wish the titans lakewood just like give the oilers brand back to houston so they could rebrand texas as the oilers in. It'd be really cool. Even though they share similar colors like when organ. Where's their actual throwback uniforms football. Yeah like they take they take a break from one of their like you know ten thousand combinations and just do the the classic organ colors or gone What else am i missing when the patriots do the the. The old school throwback the afl uniforms of the red with a guy on it yet pat pat patriot where he's actually hiking the football before they went to just the disembodied patriot head of the forty niners where they have the black outlines on the numbers gary rice war in the nineties university of miami at certain points true yet. There was the all black uniforms that were really cool He had damn why so many. I don't like when they went to like the things up on the shoulders to look like arena football uniforms which it just just not as classic as what i remember. Seeing a denver broncos john elway era like pre well early before john in orange and blue helmet yet before would just what the block d with the horse coming out of it. there's a lot of football orlando magic. Do we say that. Yeah yeah magic. Classic shack and penny magic ones are so cool. Gentlemen say penn state. I'm sure yeah. I think they're penn state's are they're not boring but like they're not they don't pop off. I think in the same way a blue and white is like a very classic combination. But i don't thinks for example for another does not re- monochromatic but like the raiders for example black and white. I think just really pops in escort football compared to blue and white in some instances of like the penn state. one. Alan iverson air sixers. Yeah oh yeah. Those are cool. They were busy to that logo. And that's still really good. I think the mets have nice uniforms. They get depends on the arab Inconsistent has been classic. No a good uniforms in sports. I guess is the point. Here they do. They do be having good uniform. The other just Alec carolina. Panthers got good color combination. I agree Again point is a lot of good uniforms and sports We go through address real quick trail. You had killing green eagles canadians. Ucla basketball ninety. Four larry johnson hornets. -til the expos from the chris era. I had charged lose. Raiders black nineties purple sons The -til pistons and the twenty eighteen nigeria world cup. Audience had brazil's a org yellows The astros orange yellow and red stripes the raptor purple the ninety four. Usc soccer team..

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