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Optimistic positive energy inspirational show. You can find. It's headed by bill lawrence creator of scrubs and cougar town and zach. Braff directed the first episode. Really really interested to see that though as we've discussed do not care for zach braff. Well i i don't know a tidbit. Don't let that color your your perception of the shell. Apparently a lot of people really enjoy it. And jason davis is the lead jason sudan. Guest deserves it. I love a today. Guess i found myself finding a lot of surprising little injuries on these lists. 'cause i i guess i'm used to the snobbery or the prestigious -ness of the oscars were scifi and fantasy other than lord of the rings really fights really hard to get the recognition it deserves and just doesn't get it but then here at the emmys outstanding drama series. We have both the boys. The man delorean lovecraft country. Those three are listed among like the crowd and the handmaid's tale which is also consi- fires and this is us. You've got the injuries. I expect to be there. And then all of a sudden like amazon prime. The boys i mean. I think there's definitely a moment right. Now where people are more receptive to your. I guess they are typical scifi and fantasy narratives. But they're more receptive to the setting. I think i think that's becoming a bigger and bigger part of our culture. Yeah i guess the the sentiment from the emmys as well. This cape stuff seems to be sticking around. We might as well like watched some of it and oh turns out. This one's really good because it kind of comments on cape stuff. Finally someone's talking about the cape stuff right now. I have a bit of a quibble henry. I'm here. I'm gonna quibble with a category which one because there are so many. It is outstanding lead actor in a limited series or tv movie. Hold on let me scroll. I read the to you okay..

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