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Epic of the drama in Washington a controversial book about the trump administration hit store shelves today the book titled warning follows up on an explosive op ed in The New York Times last year and is being billed as an unprecedented behind the scenes portrait of the trump presidency the author whose identity is still unknown to the public is described by the book's publisher as someone who is a senior official in the trump administration The New York Times op ed took particular aim at the president's behavior claiming he was your radic at a fundamental a morality that plagued the administration then White House press secretary Sarah Sanders responded by blasting the authors cowardice and calling on them to resign at the White House John decker fox news guilty in Colorado rancher Patrick freezing convicted Monday on charges he murdered the mother of his daughter and burned her body Kelsey has vanished last thanksgiving it was a sweet day in the sense that justice was brought to Patrick crazy for this brutal gruesome senseless murder but prosecutor Dan may says it's also a sad day because Kelsey Barris isn't with us or is he gets life in prison without the chance for parole popular restaurant chain yielding to pressure from the LGBTQ community over its charitable donations chick fillet says it's going to be donating money to charities that further its mission of nourishing the potential on every child in twenty twenty the company also says it's no longer going to give money to the fellowship of Christian athletes and the salvation army the chain's been criticized for donating to organizations accused of harboring anti LGBT Q. views in a news release the company says it's going to deepen it's giving to a smaller number of organizations working exclusively in the areas of education homelessness and hunger and they expect to give about thirty two.

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