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Bring a one of my buddies up L right now. All right. I went up is p p. Pete is a major in. The army Pete is a professor at West Point. And Pete was a starter. In fact, Pete is the record holder for most starts all time in army history. Former captain Pete welcome back it just broken tomorrow. Yes. You walk. It will be broken tomorrow by any Brinson. Yes. Who has three nine six GPA and chemical engineering at West Point. So so now, but now that you're a professor there. Do you take pride in like one of your students is going to break your record? Well, if I taught that kid out probably be like kowtow to because you know, way more than I do. But no, I pretty proud of him for a guy like that to be able to break, the record is pretty awesome. And it's great to be back on zero block. Yeah. Thank you for coming. And what was you know? I talked a little bit about what it was like for me. You certainly played a lot more than I did. With all those starts. I'm not embarrassed to admit it at this point. But what what was it like for you to play in the army navy game? Army navy was always really special because it could really make or break your season. Right. If you were having a poor season, but you could beat navy or vice versa. If you're Evan. Great season. You lost arm. You really make or break your season. So it's kind of like that one chance to really make your Mark. Yeah. And I've always said to. I think what makes army navy special is that even if you did not go to army or navy just about everybody has some sort of connection to the army or the navy, and you can find a side to root for. So certainly makes it special regard. I think what you're saying is true for like the more known Connor. I really believe that you guys could go, oh and ten and you beat navy and it's accessible year. I think when people like Alabama and Auburn say, oh, Alabama says we can go as long as we be. That's not true Nick saves getting fired. If you go into you guys legitimately be stoked just the beat navy. That's true. That's true. I mean, I mean if you can't go and ten too many years in a row still everybody be happy while you go one in ten. There you go one and ten it's got me. Beat navy is plastered everywhere. All over Oliver West Point and beat is vice versa at Annapolis. And so it really is a rivalry to where. Your passion is to really be with you could just have one game a year and then just play the army navy game. Instead of you know, what the other eleven games will pass. Right. But we get a play navy. But that sounds good. And I mean, you you talking about rivalries, and and we're talking about this streak that army broke a few years ago in for so many years we were the underdog in the game. And now, we've kind of flip the script, and we're the wolves going out there, that's relaxed. But how how do you feel about the game game tomorrow? Now that we're favored for the first time since two thousand one and this is killing me because I don't normally let him go this far about West Point stuff. I usually cut him off way before I'm trying to be the bigger person today because we're in town for them..

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