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And one of the first mostly women elected to congress. Michigan's when she. It's alot more than also noting that in Michigan Rashida Toledo won her race as well. In New Mexico last night, democrat, Deb Jalan became the first or one of the first I should say native American women elected to congress today, we all came together. And we said we still believe in the American dream in American democracy. And in hope, we still believe America stronger, when we work together, we believe diversity and representation make us great. That's New Mexico's Deb how in last night. The other native American woman to win last night was Democrats cherise David's in kansas's third district. So we're brecca tracer. I mean reflect with me on how significant this is you you were talking about that a second ago. But I think we should explore more. How for a longtime Democrats have relied even curried favor with women of color in terms of voters, but didn't necessarily make room for them in the party. In terms of actual politicians or representatives. Are you? Are you seeing that changing now? Well, it should be changing. I think it was the women in the candidates themselves who insisted that it was changing this time. I don't know that the Democratic Party infrastructure that the Democratic Party establishment was particularly keen on a lot of these candidates when they started running a lot of these women weren't taken seriously. You look at somebody like Lauren Underwood in Illinois. She ran in her primary against six white men. She's an African American nurse. I believe she's thirty to a lot of these women are also young we should talk about that. That means that they are the potential future of this party. But Laura and Underwood was certainly an underdog in her Illinois house primary race, and she wound up winning against six white men. And then last night, she won Jerez. In Illinois for a house district, Lucy MC bath. Now her her race in Georgia's sixth district is as as my knowledge at this moment still undecided, but she's in the lead by a few hundred votes. She was not somebody that the party took particularly seriously. She won her primary, and then was in was in a runoff and won her primary. So I don't know that this is indicative right now of the party having newly invested in them. I think it's indicative of the women insisting that they were going to lead the party forward in the aftermath of that two thousand sixteen election, and I hope that the party infrastructure is paying attention and looking to these women for leadership because I believe that they are the future of the party that they must be the future of the party. All right. Well, you mentioned Lauren Underwood. We have some tape from her last night. She unseated four term Republican congressman Randy Holt grin, making her the first woman of color to represent the district her district now just outside of Chicago tonight, November six twenty eighteen I. Stand before you as this communities first congresswoman elect. If that's not standing on the shoulders of giants. I don't know what is together on this night. We made history. History Underwood I should know is a registered nurse and was previously. A senior adviser in the department of health and human services under the Obama administration. And interestingly back in March, I'm seeing here she told A L dot com. She said, I'm thirty one year old black woman. I am doubted in eight of the ten conversations I have. But here's what she says. She's lured you can see it on people's faces if you exceed their expectations, something switches, and they start to respect you. But what that means for her and her team is she has to be excellent every day at everything she does because she's being underestimated and counted out, and she says we need to exceed expectations at all time that all times. That's Lauren Underwood who won her congressional race last night. Will I want to welcome into the conversation on that note, Simone Sanders? He's joining us from Washington. She's a democratic strategist and CNN contributor, Simone Sanders. Welcome to point. Hi. How are you? I'm doing. Well. So so we were just talking about Lauren Underwood and several other women who. One yesterday in will later in the hour. We'll talk about Republican women who won. But tell me about what you see in these female victories for the the future of the Democratic Party. That women led the Democrats victory in the house of representatives, and frankly in governorships and in state legislative races across the country..

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