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Chase young these other guys I think are question marks and they're going to have to prove it. Wants to get there. I mean it's hard to go away from tation on not did not give him an I mean he could be awards, Taylor Julius peppers that type of impact glare coming right in a box of game one I think the biggest questions in are going to be and that guy gets in I mean, could you see him being Allen Tamara site pretty pretty bad type of guy where did you play running back kind of a slot receiver? Kind of guy maybe that's how they envisioned because the thing I would ask and this is somebody's GonNa need. A lot of weapons around him unite discusses at length you know my about the. quarterbacks for the big universities you better make sure they have enough weapons around The thing about asking which is really gonNA I find Intriguing back that. Alex Smith is still there and he's the only urban Meyer quarterback who actually worked out in the froze. And you know all these other quarterbacks never seem to make maybe Alex Smith to get getting a little coaching out to take with every Meyer give you in college and moved out into the pro ranks not a big hashing believe I'd I say one thing that defense of the giant scares me and I mean that alone that defense could give cast 'cause enough time or short deal where he could develop into golf compensate who knows where he goes from there Alex you. Been Well, let me let me go on skin a little bit. And then we'll move into my dirty birds will move into my philly analysis. Yeah. The skins man that you made it interesting point earlier certain teams like almost Dallas. They almost have vanity rosters you look at them. You said they had a good dio and Joe. You're always very on point you know your football as good as anyone. But. Yeah I mean they added like a Ryan Kerrigan Dave brought so many good players under Shawn Springs passed away but they've had some incredible drastic but then they've also. SPENT, really early round first round picks on like Jonathan Allen in Alabama he to be like all guys. The next Reggie white I think he's a role player so but The, they're going to nail it. She's youngest since ended he's General Generational as native. So, they're starting to make them right pets. I just thought it's almost like if something's amiss. On Dallas is often. Something is missing on the Washington deep because Lord knows they load up in the draft year after year Washington goes abby. And they have all these big names. And then I can watch the Eagles scored three touchdowns them and a quarter. So I it remains to be seen. They've got to walk the walk out. Defensively. George, you want me to transition into billy. Name was GONNA do to Philly, and then you can take them on. He'd had to trinity I got the. We go we didn't do filling next I had the giants, but we can. We can go ahead and jump into Philly. Yeah, we got the you know they did have their biggest needs..

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