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Welcome welcome where do you guys live. Indianapolis will welcome to nashville all here to do a debt. Free scream sir. How much have you paid off. Ninety seven thousand. Three sixty two. I like it dangerously. Close one hundred thousand and long. Did this take you thirty nine months. Okay good and your range of income during the three years. Fifty thousand dollars up to about one hundred twenty. Whoa some i get a job few of them. Yeah okay so. I mean it's possible increase in three years like you Over doubled your income. We we we needed to. Yeah we did so We had At the time. I got an a. new full-time job. And then just kind of worked my way up through some promotions and then at the same time we knew we needed more money so i started a side hustle in a handyman business and and that just really took off over about three years. Wow and broke. You're a full single mom fulltime singapore because he works all the time. But now you're fulltime mom yes and then About a year ago. I started working at my kid's preschool. Oh that's cool okay. Very good what kind of debt was the ninety seven thousand mostly student loan. There's about ten grand that was vehicle and medical most of it probably an eighty. Five eighty was about stallone. Yeah what do you do for a living man. I'm a director of operations at a medical instrument company. Okay very good good for you. Gosh thank you. So what made you decide to do this thirty nine months ago. How long you been married. Seventeen years okay. So good thank you so for so after. Fourteen years of marriage approximately thirteen years of marriage. You look up and went something to change what happened so in two thousand nine two thousand ten we. We actually went through financial peace university and at that point we really committed to not get further into debt. But we had a real income issue hasn't ministry at the time and and we didn't have a lot of money coming in and we weren't gazelle intense on that front so we really live within. Our means and brooke was incredible with. Just you know the budget and keeping things tied at the home and all that stuff but We transition down in ministry about two thousand sixteen. We knew that There was a vision got had for our lives but that can be a part of it says when we got really serious and just put the put our money. Where math was the so to speak and you found out. You can't save your way out of debt. Exactly exactly yeah. You have to live on less than you make again doesn't work otherwise you tried the other direction. I did very cool. Who had that first conversation with. Jeez probably with me. I think. I think i didn't realize how stressful that looming debt was In our marriage and over my wife and so Finally i figured it out through a lot of conversation and realize that we need to do something and So we got serious like you said that i finally figured it out after she told you one hundred twenty times exactly. Yeah so so brooke. What did you say because people call all the time and they go get my wife's on board. How do i get my husband. How did you get your husband on board Harassing him. No just just telling him. It was a concern and you know asking what what can we do. And yeah because i was very stressed out about it. A lot so Yeah just having a lot of conversations about it so you heard him say and if i put words in your mouth you correct me. It's okay. I will but i think i heard him say i love my wife and i didn't know how much she was carrying how much weight she was carrying by herself. And once i understood that was ready to go absolutely absolutely. That's what i heard. Thank you a lot of these guys lot these guys and gals that are not on board. They don't know what it's doing to the other one how much stress their carry on. And if they ever knew they would stop they. Let's fix it then. 'cause i don't i don't want my wife to be miserable right but as long as as long as i can continue to get away with what i'm getting away with it. Okay though i think the conversation was really more of a How what do we need to sacrifice that. Do this and not only with spending. Because like i said we really weren't spending living within our means but it was okay. There's going to be a lot of time sacrifices and other things that we both have to be on board with and like you said. It's kind of being a single mom for a while as i was working ninety hours a week after week. Sometimes you know to try to get that under control. Yeah was it worth it absolutely absolutely. What do you tell people the key to getting out of debt. Ninety seven thousand thirty nine munches impressive. Stay with it you know. I think we would listen all the time to the ramsey show and we encouraged there also times when you hear people that were. Hey we were. You know. Two hundred thousand dollars in debt and six months later repaid at all and we're just like man you got to be kidding me right you know so i think though that that was also encouraging to. And if if they could do it we knew we could and having brooke as my partner was incredible because i think there are days when i didn't wanna keep going and she did and she don't want keep you on. I did i think just being and having that unity and that shared vision was the key. So there's a rumor that if you have one two three four kids and you try to do this And you can't give a million dollars birthday parties they die right or have the fanciest of all new. Everything's that just won't make it. And i see four beautiful new family tree branches. He's at true or not true They survived tell about. It seemed to be breathing. Just fine exactly. Yeah yeah i think you know for us the live like no one else so you can live like no one else we were. We were doing hundred dollar camping vacations over the last two years and all those kind of things and we just got back from colorado when our big debt free vacation last week so they're tired still from that but but it's it's awesome to be on the other side of that like no one else later. Vacate like is it. Yeah i love it very good for you guys. Thank you so proud of you. Thank you thank you for what you got what you do. Well you guys are the your why we're here and you you. You just did an amazing thing. So i don't want you folks out there listening to miss this. They they look so like together and so calm and so peaceful and all that but this guy's been working eighty ninety hours for three years. Yeah look she's got four. Kids who exhausted marathoner just collapsed after the finish line. They did it. What what they gave up in order to get freedom for the next. Several decades was was time effort money and it's hard both of them. That's exactly right. They paid a price here to win. There's a hustle and grind here exponential level because ninety seven thousand. Three years. making this kind of money. Oh and by the way in the process of doing that very intentionally on the day job and on the side job did things to make more money Got a bigger shovel. Got more shovels very intentional here. So these things do not you. Don't you can wander that you cannot wander wonder out right and you guys you. My point is that. I'm wondering how intentional you were. You squeezed every penny. Once it got home and you kept bringing more and more and more home and that the differential that margin is what got you out of debt nine hundred seven thousand thirty months just power and there's four little kids out there that are not gonna carry around those bricks because of the thrash. I'll put in good for you all right. Let's bring them up. What are their names and ages are in on the scream. Here work is twelve. Tinley is almost ten Paisley is almost eight and kindle just turned six all right. We'll happy birthday kindle. Good stuff fun stuff all right and they've been practicing all the way from indianapolis if turn your turn up your radio turn up your podcast device right now just a little bit..

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