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Very unreasonable and there was this sort of paranoia among brexit is that if if there's a delay if there is anyone that says look you know if there was anyone who'd been honest enough to say look we haven't really prepared we need a bit longer brewster's would never have stood for that should they have beat a bit more reasonable about that because we might've ended up with a better deal i think that's obsolete to actually and i think you know there was a real mad rush just rigor article fifty straight away i think you're right paranoia is exactly the right word if it wasn't if it wasn't triggered soon enough then people would kind of forget about it in brexit would never happen if we'd actually negotiated before got some kind of day whether it looked like this or whether it look different per justice as a starting point and then get agreed on and then trigger article fifty i think it may have been a bit better and also it would have given it once you have that do have to get everything in place you know administration lee for businesses to get that ducks in a row all that kind of thing can be done post triggering article fifty but he knows where we're beyond that now it hasn't happened i've said it before i'll say theresa i did because i think she is trying to do a tight rope walk among all sorts of different opinions in her party and i'll say said it before i'll say again none of the men to stand up as well and put that put their head above the power they all ran for the hills the moment that brexit took place i think she has the problem is is the she has completely lost control i mean things like the christian get the majority yeah exactly and even even kind of longtime after that i think she's just completely relinquish control to has given the fact that brussels and the you you saw this still before harangue cabinet i think is absolutely catastrophic on if i was sat in her cabinet and thinking that women to be negotiating here you don't show your hand of cards to the person that you're playing poker with and then make your move to you and you're meant to be working as a cabinet autumn one and that's how she's gonna lose trust she's already lost trust with cabinet members already she's going to lose even more of it now i think and also she ran the most diabolical election campaign i think in history the lynton crosby the person who masterminded cameron's election majority win he says there are three things that win an election the economy the economy the economy and it was not an election where i felt the tory values of aspiring to do better and the government being behind you and very thatcherite they were displayed at all so and again and that was an another example of where she did not get her cabinet behind her because not one cabinet member apparently did not see the manifesto in full until the morning it was released until the morning it was published and that is quite shocking i mean that's when you get the you know the dementia tax and all this kind of thing with two capsule ed milliband i i would argue that theresa may's government at the moment and what they've done over the last year and a half it has been definitely more left wing than tony blair's government and potentially even what absolutely and of course we're going to end up with and i do think it was a strike a genius the nhs announcement for twenty billion pounds and that we will have to pay more because of cost now can raise taxes to pay for brexit and say nhs if you complain the nhs so it's kind of genius move on their part where analyze this little bit more and more from the newspapers we might talk about the big trump blimp as well talk coming up here on talk.

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