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To go live a little bit to avoid it so now from the ramp first down about three yards and the kerry who wore miller to the 28 mark sharon the former safety now inside linebacker makes the stop for the rams in this one of those opportunities will you just started to give up feeling were they ran ran they've as a passes play action the door wits down the c take a shot right here just inside the 29 second down and aid for door which is on the right and although linux sprinted savage from the shotgun inside rams territory trailing threenothing quick out passage caught at the first down marker an out of bounds by will four first down at the twenty yard line pickup of anc's overall thieves so force tom savage compared to last week looks like a complete different course he does he looks like he's on the same page of the receivers i think it makes a big difference when you have actually a whole week to prepare in addition to the previous week there's been months for these receivers and tom savage have any will work together because the shower watson had been taken those first he reputation sees timing routes now working out because these guys are on the same page fantastic job there out final seconds all go first quarter in the texans will not take a snap they did not have to so we walk to the other end of the twenty yard line after one quarter it's the la rams three the houston texans nothing you're listening to the nfl on westwood one president trump is enduring the most turbulent presidency in recent history creating a period of economic uncertainty reminding investors a two thousand eight when some lost as much as fifty percent of their retirement accounts protect your family's financial future with the gold ira from augusta.

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