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That's the one thing since the first round, he's guys haven't had this like eight knockout duo big time performance together. Like we haven't seen like this seventy five point effort yet in these two guys in a big game especially on the road in the playoffs. So I feel like I thought they were starting to get going and then to see the way Golden State lockdown defense in the second half. I, I should I guess we shouldn't be surprised but they do it. I feel like so few and far between these stretches of like four or five minutes where they just turned into the best defensive team in the NBA. I know a lot of teams are capable of that on any given night, but we. Forget, sometimes that Madrid on green and Klay Thompson, and Andrea dollar decided that they all wanna be free. The top end vendors in the NBA, we forget, how good that they can be. That's thirteen stretch within like three minutes early in the third quarter. I mean it turned on one possession. So I think that's what surprised me the most is that golden Tate was able to turn it on so fast in such a quick fashion, and it got sort on the defensive that an atom with all of that said, the, the, the trailblazers still had a chance with McCollum having clear open shots. And listen as is the case can be in, in basketball, he just didn't make his shots. I think Lillard had a couple of weeks that didn't go down in a quick stretch McCollum had rate look after great low probably three great looks tool them from three in that fourth quarter in fourth quarter surge we're Golden State was was traded punches. Remember they were up by eight was like three minutes ago. Yeah. So they had a shot. I heard you guys right before right? Before we came on to say that, you know they had a shot to win the series. Yeah. I think it was last night. And I, I mean, listen a lot of us, and I'm sure you guys to think it's any, any breaking news that we all feel like old and say it was a heavy favorite going into this series. And and a clear cut favorite after game one you know most of us probably thought that this was a five or six game series at best, but if they were gonna be competitive in we and, and be in it, I think he gotta see you got your steal one of the road at any point. What the clippers did. They had to come back in thirty one down just to make that a six game series eventually and we're in it for good chunks of that series. But they needed to win on the road in one of the first Dame's feel like they had a punchers chance and it's it's hard to feel. That way right now, if you're to thoughts is a guy that watches a ton of basketball at the collegiate level and at the NBA level, at the highest level, how how satisfying as, as someone who's a fan of basketball is it to watch the style that the Golden State Warriors were playing in the second half late in that game. And how do you kind of process how they're doing what they're doing without the best player in the league? I think what's one about it is the ball movement. The Christmas, it does feel like team basketball. I know Golden State is probably has different perceptions, depending on who you thought maybe more specifically where you talk to them if they're if they're out west if their if their Eastern Conference fan if they're a casual fan of their hardcore fan. I'm sure there's a million different opinions on what Golden State's done. And I'm sure they've got some criticism because they spurred this, you know, this, this three point barrage in the last five years, we've seen it developed in what Houston dogs and even into one team like Milwaukee do where they where they think it's one reason a game Brooklyn's a playoff team. But did that they get a lot of criticism for? But let's not forget that at their best even before Kevin Durant was there. This is what they did. They average twenty five to thirty two game. They shot forty eight forty seven percent for the field. They shot forty percent from three point range. And I know that they didn't have a great shooting night last night. But these are the things that have kind of define Golden State in the last five years. And it is fun to watch like I love hockey assist. We love seeing team basketball Steph curry is a ton of hockey assists in the first two games of the series because of what dream on a dollar me and the cuts in the back doors and the handoffs and the, the, the nuances of often. So we're starting to see and they're doing it because they've done it in the past, and they're used to it, and they get, I think maybe despising thing to a lot of us is again. They did it so fast within three days of preparation like, all right. Let's go back to what we did before Kevin Durant was here before we won't be played with him when he was heard, let's go back to what we do best. And that's that's been what's most impressive about it. And I counted them out. I just thought the way Steph was playing when Katie got her thought Houston was gonna win on the road and steal game seven but I could not be more wrong. Adam Amine joining us, he's got the Western Conference finals on ESPN I want to ask you about the extra own of knowing that K D is a free agent. We know they've done it before, but is there a little bit extra? None of them admit. The drama that goes on behind the scenes. But we all sort of feel it is there a little bit extra pride in winning this without K D? I'm sure there is, I think guys like Klay Thompson, and Steph curry and dream on green. What's, what's impressive about them is the fact that they're willing to take the backseat when a guy like the ramp is just going off. And he's been going up ever since game three of of that first round series. And obviously up until the point he got hurt, but I think their willingness to step aside. And then their willingness to step back into the spotlight and take big shot. I think they appreciate that. I think people people have been talking a little bit about Jay Williams said earlier today on get up like he did not like the fact that fans were chaining MVP for Steph curry because, you know, it's like a slight a slight that Kevin Durant in a lot of ways, and yeah, you can make that argument but at the same time and I love Jay, and I, I agree with them and a lot of topics. I'm like, listen. This guy is an MVP. I've been around some other teams where they're so focused about what Durant does he forgets it Korean play are still two of the top. Let's call them twelve players in the NBA right now. So I, I don't think you can you can diminish what Kevin Durant is done. They're certainly not. Not better. That's another argument. I'm sick of I don't wanna hear anybody saying they're better without Kevin Durant. That's the best player on the planet right now. But what makes this team? And this unit really good even without him is their willingness to step back out of the spotlight and then step back into it. And they all have the capability and skill set to be able to make the big shots and still make up for the lack of randomness, playoffs. Any big thoughts from what transpired at the NBA lottery? And how the dominoes may fall as a result at what transpired. Well, I saw a couple of guys around Chicago, some, some great writers talking about, you know, somebody like Jared Colbert, who maybe confall into into the seven spot. Maybe he might not make it that far. I'm getting a lot of comparisons to Jimmy Butler kind of hard nosed defensive player that maybe was a little unheralded has a, a lot of length an offense of skill set around the rim than if you expand the perimeter game all of a sudden you're looking at a really viable top seven pick. I think the other thing that stuck out and I don't both fans were disappointed. Obviously love would love to have I on number one would love to how to chance of John Moran or maybe RJ baronets, who were three but let's not forget, Damian Lillard was the number six overall pick any came out of Weaver state, and he's the highest draft pick among all the guys that are still playing in the conference finals right now. So you can get quality at fifteen or sixteen like he did with a Leonard or something. You can get. I mean star quality at that point, a lot of it has to do with the development factor, who their coach by, and who's they're shooting guy, and who's their defensive coach and who's on the staff and whatever city there in. So I, I know both fans are, are upset, I'm sure some are just disappointed. Let's not let's not white away. Hope when you look at the rest of the teams that are still playing and that have built through the draft. They've done it with the six ten or the fifteenth Baker the twenty seven six you can get quality throughout the first round. I think it's, it's scouting. Well, and then developing, and that's still the most important thing in the NBA, and frankly, sports, post sports, in general, one name then atom of one of those who could be Donovan Mitchell in this draft. Man. I mean, I feel like you're Culver. I don't wanna I don't wanna pick something away from a guy like Romeo Langford on Indiana. I think he's a he's a wing player that might fit into like a bowl system. A guy who can step outside shoot the free point shot has really solid production as an offensive player. Obviously, there's a lot of upside and younger guy. So I don't wanna I don't wanna throw somebody like him away and think that you're not going to get a quality pick. Maybe a ROY Moore. I don't know if he's big enough together kid outta Gonzaga. Right. Big shot throughout the whole season. I just don't know if he's got the size right now. But if you feel you can develop them, those are a couple of guys I feel like you don't wanna sleep on jerk. Palmer is a guy that I've probably heard the most buzz about that's more than like the top seven or eight big. And we'll see if he makes it all the way down to south Goodman, said hatch, more to good stuff. Have a great game three and keep up the great work, Adam. Thanks, adam. Thanks, boys. Appreciate you go. Adam Amine doing a little traveling today. He had gained two last night. Hell of game three right here on ESPN one thousand tonight's game two of box. And raptors when does covered start on that is that six thirty or seven o'clock tonight, maller believe it seven after the odds. Couple sounds good couple today at six with.

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