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It back to Android for a second. So there's been a decade of development and what we've seen as you look at the photos of where Android started to where it is now, and it's a huge jump. And I think one of the other elements to that is that Android has become so much more than just a mobile platform as Google's kind of suite of services coalesced and expand and contract, and fragment I'm curious about way given the Android is the more open of the two platforms, right? I'm curious about way you see going Knicks. What if we're just talking about the the software individ what would you like to see come out of the next durations of Android that might be would extend interest you is somebody that works with young people. And technology actually thing about Android is very popular in emerging economies. So I was in Uganda two years ago, our and everyone had an Android fine, and that's not. Something I'm used to. I'm used to saying in our fifty fifty split ends androids and watching the behavior in the way that those emerging economies a using this technology. I think there's a real opportunity to embrace that for a new, a new sort of wave of how how he can engage people. So for example, most of the young people in Uganda were using Facebook as their entry point to the internet. Imagine if Google could really take that and say, we'll actually, there's all these other interests that you could be using. And I think something that really sort of is less, you know, I weld are anted and really thinks about the way that we can communicate and sell problems that have just largely been ignored so far as those economies emerge. If Google is made by money that money on the table, it's it's ready to be braced. So that's what I'd like to say, but that's just my drain board. My vision board. Hyun your vision beyond just like less less screen time, Ben for Android. I'd like to see them focus more on privacy, so they rely on people's data. They rely on. Let's you know, they, they rely on people's very personal sensitive information to run their business. The reason that they devices are so affordable is because of that. So you are making a trade there and that's the that's what apple at least seems to argue that if you want privacy use apple if few daren't than maybe use anyone else and and it's sad though, isn't it? Isn't it sad that these these third world countries will the Asian countries. Having to you. They night continence early afford to have privacy. But yeah, I think Google is doing some interesting things on that front. And I hope to see more of download. This is what you're listening to easy guide to the week in media technology and culture. My name is Mike Fennell and we are joined by Ben grab who's the technology writer whose work you can see in the morning, Herald The Age. Crikey. I host of other fine establishments. And Sarah Moran is found it and see all Geico academy..

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