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You're wondering three shy of his father's best year forty four set with the expos in two thousand. And that's your play today. Played the day brought to you. By 'em drive. The supplement for driven men that supports healthy testosterone levels energy and lean muscle visit dr dan dot com twenty percent off promo code. Dan don't let age beach. You get 'em drive to saw this from profootballtalk jomar chase says the. Nfl football is to catch than the college football. It's harder to see without white stripes. I understand it but we just started to figure this out. I'm gonna guess there other wide receivers who've come from college and been successful in the. Nfl is that right. Paulie checking okay. All right during the live look and we talked about the washington football team going to change their nickname. I stay with washington's washington football team. I think it's it. It sounds good regal. i mean we. We've gotten past the well. It's kind of awkward. It just washington football team. And i liked the logo. Here are the the names. The possible names read. Hogs defenders are mata washington football team. Red wolves presidents brigade commanders. What will they go with. what should they go with. Let's talk about what they should avoid red hogs now. We're past the hawks a long time ago defenders. Okay what if you don't have a good defense or what about your offense. We're the defenders okay. Armata no washington football team. That's the one i would go with. Red wolves presidents no commanders. No the obvious answer is the washington football brigade. That's what i would go with unless you stay with washington football team which i would i think they're going to go with brigade and they should go with the brigade unless they stay with the washington. Football team yes. I don't love forgotten like any of them. But if i had to pick one. I would say defenders only because you're in the capital and you're defending the nation and i understand that there's gonna be a lot of plays on words if your defense is terrible but i think washington defended. I could live with that of that group of native right mclovin about gridlock washing. You know what i'm saying for non. Just k- i like watching football team like you said i think it's kind of cool and unique and they should just stick with it. Okay brigades awesome to that. I would like that but watching football team be number one all right seton. This is funny because no matter what they choose. It's going to be the wrong one for a large portion of the population right. Okay i do like brigade though. That's the out of that list. That's the one that stood out to me but i would also preferred. They just stay with watching. Did football team paulie. I think they will go with armada. It's very generic. It doesn't make people upset or excited. It's very milk toast. And that's why the probably go with it. I liked commanders. Because i like calling people commander like hey. What's up commander. Poleus pin famously. Didn't know anybody's name. There's lots of people walk around the halls and even go. Hey chief commander as for the sport. I think you referred. You is winter to call you seton. First couple of months commander commander. And then after i knew after i like truly knew him he was just like just one day like this off. Handed comment was like you know what. I'd like to do for people that like. I don't really have any respect for anything. I just giving them like a title. That's like way above what they really are like. Commanders something okay boss. All right thanks thanks. Boss thankful we're back with another season of the next great podcast. Giving you an opportunity to submit your podcast idea to myself and the podcast team and iheart radio all you have to do is go to patrick com. Click on the link on our homepage and for those submissions. We will select ten finalists. Give you a budget. Opportunity to produce your own podcast. A pilot episode. You haven't till september seventeenth to submit go to dan. Patrick dot com. Follow the link. Submit your idea. Good luck chattan. Chicago joins us. Hi chad what's on your mind today. First time long time five ten soft one ninety five all those washington football.

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