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Bubble team that got a win. I break it down like this. In terms of bubble teams, the winners Arkansas, wake forest, beaten Florida state, you call FSC a loser. The demon deakins will lead this week's court report on Wednesday just so you know scheduled to talk with Steve Forbes and give the best wake forest even more than a decade, some overdue love. Oregon winning at Utah, doctors still bubble team, they got to win. Notre-Dame, playing itself nicely into the tournament picture. One 69 57 at NC state. And I thought Florida hanging on an OT at home against old mystery P was highly significant for the Gators. They were down 9 at the half, got Colin castleton back. He had 17 and 7. That was certainly significant. The losers outside of I mentioned LSU, West Virginia. Miami lost at Virginia. Certainly notable. Miami is floating near that cut line. SMU, trying to get into the picture, losing by 15 at Wichita state. That's not going to help matters for the ponies or the American athletic conference. TCU kind of quietly lost at home by 12 to case state, horn frogs, got a Dodge that kind of stuff, if you're gonna try and make your second tournament in two decades, Oklahoma now drifting onto the bubble has already drifted, but bubble team supreme lost in bedlam, Oklahoma state, Mike boyton's team got an important win in a year where they can't get to the postseason and then creighton lost his seat in hall. That's a good bubble for the hall, bad for creighton. I did want to mention Friday night, first of all, before I mentioned the game, just real quick 'cause we talked offline. Did you go and see that concert Friday or no? No. I just couldn't. I was tired and I had work to do. And so on Friday night for people who are not keeping track with my personal life, I got stuck in New York. I couldn't get back home because I ice and Memphis. I was supposed to fly home Thursday morning. I didn't actually get home until Saturday afternoon, said two extra nights in New York. And Friday night, I had kind of free. I ended up I worked and then I went and got dinner and then I came back to the room and tried to shut my brain off a little bit and I just watched a first three episodes of payment Tommy on Hulu. No idea what that is. All right, sounds good. Careful Anderson and Tommy Lee. Oh, the Doc. Okay, there we go. It's not a dock. Oh, it's an actual series. Okay. It's great. I'm going to have to take your word for that one, my friend. What? You never watched the payment Tommy Lee tape? I did not. I did not. Scout's honor on my children's life. Never watch that. So yeah, no. Did that happen? Where were you in 1995? 95, I was, I was 14 freshman in high school. Perhaps I was the prime demographic, but tucked away up in the northwest corner of Vermont, south Burlington shouts, did not factor into my life. I'm aware of it and I was aware of it. Holy crap, how did we get onto this? What I did on my Friday night was watch some TV with the wife. And then Colorado state San Diego state. Just got to note this. Colorado state dodged losing three consecutive games. Was up by 20 points in the second half and then San Diego state came all the way back, took the lead with 14 seconds to go. No timeouts called would have been one of the worst collapses I've seen from any team in the past decade among the 5 or 6 worst I've seen, but David roddy, save the day. Hit a winner from like 16 feet out from the elbow with 6 seconds to go. CSU gets the win. I think that's the better result for the conference on the whole. We both think CSU and San Diego state are both going to eventually get into the tournament. I'll also note, we talked about Fresno state on the Friday pod. Utah state is also involved in this at this point. So you tell state one again trying to squeeze in a little bit of love for everyone that deserves it after a kind of a recount of a weekend. You tell states 15 to 9, 34th and ten pound has won 5 straight, this is Ryan Odom coaching this team. I'm thinking, wait a second. How do I know that name? How do he coach UMBC when they beat Virginia? This is his first season with the aggies and inherited a solid roster situation Justin beans awesome. They want it home over UNLV. There is a Tuesday night game with Utah state at Wyoming. If you toss date wins that game at Wyoming, mountain west is going to be building a stronger case, believe it. Believe it. 5 teams, it's conceivable. I think four is getting very close to probable and likely. Everything else that you mentioned there. Yeah, LS used in serious trouble. Texas tech winning at West Virginia West Virginia is in serious trouble. Yukon lost against nova. Villain was beating Yukon 5 consecutive games. It was kind of a reminder. I thought it was a reminder game parents of Villanova San like, don't forget where the big kid in the room here. And we'll see how the Providence nova race plays out. And then Purdue, how about this? Purdue became the first program in victim history to win a thousand conference games. I had no idea until it happened. Matt painter also won his 400th game. And then all the big game that you didn't mention was USC Arizona is actually good. USC led deep into the second half and then Arizona flipped it late. They wound up winning by 9 USC went one of 15 to close the game. You did not have the Trojans on your list of teams. You could see cutting down the nets. I agree. I think I got to agree with you on that. Although I do think that USC is a viable final four contender, don't know if I can see that team actually pulling together 6 consecutive wins in the way that they couldn't capitalize after playing a good game against Arizona late kind of speaks to that a little bit Texas also won 63 41 at Iowa state. It was the largest margin of victory by Texas against ISU in more than a decade. And then lastly, some love for the guys who went for 40 plus and a couple of people. Affiliated with these seems to reach out. I promise I'd give him a shout. Three, 40 point scores on Saturday. Jelly walker, 42 for UAB and the win over middle Tennessee. You may be, I'm telling you right now, you want like a true viable sweet 16 dark horse Cinderella type right now before it like march gets here and there's buzz. If you have to get to the tournament, it can win a couple of games. Jalen house for New Mexico got 42 against the air force and then Ben shepherd of Belmont at 41 in a come from behind OT when which significant for Belmont to beat Tennessee state. So I think that pretty much covers it. Man, I wish Saturday would have been better. Tons of games, but just not a lot of drama. What do we need to know about Monday Tuesday on the schedule? Good point. All right, so Monday, you got Virginia at duke. I had to do an issue hit earlier on Sunday GP. They asked me for my 15 second bold statement. You're familiar with the oh, I know how to make bold statements. You are familiar with the bold statement. My bold statement was that duke's gonna come back after just destroying you and see on the road and win close late and get a real push from Virginia at home. Agree or disagree with anybody by fewer than 5 points. Where's the gaming play? Cameron. Fewer than 5 points. That was my bold statement. Two wins the game by two 5. No, no, no, no, no, you're wrong. It was cold but wrong. Okay. It was bald and I'm probably gonna be wrong. You got Kansas at Texas. 9 eastern on.

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