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Risk. It went. It was there, and it just disappeared. Throughout that is 7 for Dan and Harry skelton. And two trainers that we just will just skip them, shall we? And Tom simons has got Morocco de vasi with income and booked for the ride. I think shall we have one more is going to be very, very hard to be here. Yeah, I'm not sure I want to be piling in some of the price, but there's nothing else that hugely appeals. He's a horse who has got plenty of talent, he was too keen under restraints. At ask and sound diner and his first two starts this season, but still showed useful form. He was forced from the toll was, but he was held up off the pierce there. Rather fought Jamie Moore and didn't give his true running as a result, but was far from disgraced. They then decided maybe the best thing to do with this king going horse as with goshen, by the way, is let him do his own thing. And when you find that thing goes like potion, like shall we have one more have a tendency to be a lot less gassy once you allow them to stride on. So horses who are keen tend to be less so given their head. Some of them are more so, you know, and they could be frightening lunatics. But that's those are different kind of horses altogether. But yeah, Xiaomi have a more subtle really well. And that race is over a long way from them. It was hugely on competitive, it was under 49 that day, which gives you an idea of how weak it was for a Saturday, not as heard of the sound line. I think it was televised as well. It was. By 20 lengths, there wasn't much in the race to be perfectly honest. The only one is run since Arthur's seat has been at this pointing. So you kind of look at that run and go, well actually, he didn't achieve an awful lot more. In winning that easily, they had last time. But he gives the impression that he could have done a lot more. He was asked. I don't like punting horses on the basis that they give the impression they might have done better. Especially when you're getting really short on. But he was a, he was an easy winner as bumper here. Last season. So kempton said some really well. And he showed that the thing that was holding him back over hurdles was his tendency to pull hard. He showed that if he can go on, then he's less likely to pull his head. So it may well be that that's simply the answer. That he will go on again. But in terms of what is actually achieved, he doesn't do my best of these. So it's hard to back him at a really short price. And that makes it difficult. Is sale or ICO hi, everyone I call him, was a 17 length winner of a similarly modest hurdle here over course and distance at the Camden Christmas meeting. But the Nichols runner actually did that in a really good time. He put April time for Saturday earlier on. And then Brian frost a lie to him to stride on and when he was led Australia. He settled better on the ends up winning winning with penny despair. But it was disappointing in the triumphal trial at Chapman on his next start. This is a lot easier. He gets the four year olds get a handy we had alliance still this time of the year, which is a tends to be a big advantage for sort of February onwards. And if he buys his batch platform, he's got a decent chance. I get the impression that Nick was thinking he's fundamentally an embryonic Chester who needs to learn how to race. So he might, you know, this might be an educational run. But at the same time, you know, he's produced a performance on the figures that gives him the beating of shall we have one more, so it wouldn't be a massive surprise if he points back to that form. I wouldn't, I wouldn't want to back him at the price he should be based on the ratings. I think that's probably a little bit shaky, but at the same time I think at the early prices he's probably overpriced. Yeah, that's a surprisingly big price given that TPA is top rated by time, but he's written 9 point ahead of shall we have one more time for him to ratings. But obviously he didn't run to the same level last time either, but that was against pied piper. In what Denis Oregon. New member of the team, I'm very proud to say, described as a bizarre race that he doesn't really trust in terms of form and just in the way that the race was run. Yeah, certainly a fair number of those. They didn't seem to go. They didn't go very fast, but the horses who were on the front end all struggled. In the last few stages, I mean, the pace was set by a branch outsider. And you'd have thought that those sitting hands and they would have been well positioned, but they tended not to run the race. And the first and second came from way off the back. But point paper one of us was absolutely tons of his state. But anyway, that's ICO didn't run his race. He went up the inside. It wasn't the place to go anywhere on that occasion. And that was at the time when the nickel sources started running moderately. Yeah. I don't think it was massively concerned at the time. I did this with someone who said they heard that what the what the nickel's reaction after that was, which was just.

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