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Not when when. I'm traveling which I'm not doing right now as we all aren't and when I'm writing I put it in the case but the rest of the time it's either no case or it's the folio so it's nothing you seem to view this ipads default state as having a keyboard attached. Yes so that's the difference But that's just kind of how I you know. I live very frequently. We'll take my ipad out but most of the time it's always connected to a cable of some kind. That's just my default for IPAD and with the magic keyboard. I prefer it to the bridge keyboard or the smart keyboard. So I'm finding myself using it like that more The bridge keyboard. I could've done this with I guess but never had thought of putting in a laptop. Stan would just take it out point I could've done this for a long time ago but didn't think about it but this this I like it more just like this whole set up more I will mention because people will ask keyboarding. Museums take raise it as a split keyboard. It has edgy. And it's amazing. I frigging love cable. So much That's just may also using a Logitech track ball an Ergonomic trackball and magic track pad to all connected. This is what I love about the IPAD. Right like Federico Talks about this about like modular. I just love the all the all the equipment that can do everything with this now and it makes me very happy I'd like now. I have the posture charging because my keyboard is it needs a USB ultimately. I need to use an Odongo for this is just some point. I'm going to get a USB DOC to help right so I'm gonNA stuff but now I can charge at the same time which I really really like a lot. I got the Brown key. Switches people asked me to keep switches. Go but so. I am aware that posting a picture like this. I'm doing two things I want to show people like how I'm using. I am also kind of doing this to to Annoy. People find this stuff ridiculous. Yeah but at the same time. I get a lot of people who are like in on this too right like that. This is what they want their computing life to be these like the options that I feel that this device can give and I want to share the way. I'm using this device because I know I'm out in the edge cases now but I think it's amazing that my i-ipad can do all of this and I can use it the way that I want I think is frigging awesome and I can't wait to to keep pushing it. I love it. It's so awesome. I love it. Yeah so I wanted to mention the that you use it in the case all the time. 'cause I get that you want to keep it in the case all the time and not remove it and then put it in a stand and then take it back out and put it back on this even though that's very easy to do That said that was my initial reaction to this is might just take it out and put it in a stand. It's it's going to be better. You don't have to have a laptop Stan. You'RE NOT GONNA type on the laptop stand you're just GonNa let it sit there so why not remove the IPAD and put it on a stand? I think it would look less ridiculous. I don't know how it looks. Yeah I know I'm just I think it would look less ridiculous and it would probably be better suited to the task. You could get the screen a little bit closer to your face but you know you do you and I do understand why the day it's the thing. I am restricted by screen distance by my keyboard. That's true but this is GonNa this restricts it even further right. This puts the screen even further away from you. Yeah but I think when I'm using in a stand it doesn't feel like it's far away. All right I just for me. I look at this and I think I saw. We've talked about flexibility for me. The beauty of the IPAD is that mostly. It's just on its own and then I'll add it to. The keyboard added to a doc when I want to work in that configuration. But I see where you're coming from here which is as far as you're concerned. The default configuration of your ipad is in this case. And so why take it out? If you don't have to and I get that that's just not how I use it like. It may be that in a few months time saying I WANNA just put it in there when I want but like right now like no. This is what I want. I want the default to be in like this is like a laptop now that is the default and then move for and see what. That's like. Okay I've ever happy so far because I found myself even sometimes just like I would just use the pattern on the laptop. I don't know why it's just what I WANNA do in the same way of like you've got it in the case on the screen so like I. I am enjoying this experience. So far. I'll keep pushing it and see where I think not enough is being made of the fact that you in addition to Apple Pencil and a touchscreen and attract pad have to other pointing devices on on your table. I think that's an important point to us. How good can you know what if you could put your welcome tablet and attach it child? Work I will. Would you would do that. You'd have all all the input devices because right now I have a way Karma Magic track pad and a Logitech vertical mouse. Yes e because it's so it's you it's you you like choices says. I if there's one thing I love of my computers at his choices I get to make choices like even just using the ipad the way that I do for as much as I use it for is just a choice that I make that I enjoy. Where like right now? I have a Logitech Webcam piped-in type attached to my Mac. Because I like to choice. That one's better than the one built into my Mac. I kind of have me the thing that makes people want to build. Pc's like I have that in. May you know that is like that choice mentality which doesn't always fly with being a fan of apple products but I feel like as a devoted IPAD per user? I get to make more which choices the moment than Immaculata would I get to the super weird with my device and do like strange things like what I'm doing right now but it brings me joy to do that. Like I have a very weird computer setup. I have a split keyboard. Aluminium that was odd. Gp Right That plugged in via USB. See Split cable to Odongo. That's regular beat to go into my IPAD and that's how I type right. It's like an amusing trackball. Everyone else is using the Amex Mazda or a track pad and unlike Nana. I'm going to use a track ball. I love it and then I got my apple. Pencil scrolling with the Apple pennsyl-. I'm just this. We only the only thing you're missing here is the the full. Vitucci of of having it be an external screen. That's mirrored that you're driving with. There's a screen behind a as soon as I want. I want it to be more than what it currently is like. Did the these external display support? Yeah I won. A second screen agree and when they do that. You can bet your bottom dollar. That's what I'll be doing. Magic keyboard is amazing. Your Beta testing all of this stuff for back in your studio to right. That's all we have had this chance to experiment This is all very experimental the year. This is an excellent job. Trolling twitter just good job. Good job you've got slack. I'm controlling people with my actual real life choices. Which makes it even more fun right. This magic discussion up okay effectively. Why should you buy it? You should already my feeling. I just want to say that you should already know. You want this product before you don't buy this three hundred dollar keyboard on a lock because it's not what else full. I mean you can return it. If you don't like it and you could do that. You can try it if you're curious. I. It's a shame that there aren't stores open so you could go in and try it at the store. But you know you really. You should have some inkling that using an IPAD as laptop is a thing that you you should you actually might WanNa do. Yeah like you probably know you. Are this type of person right like the that would want this product thereof options small keyboard keyboards. The ogsm bridge keyboard is still great option. Get tracked by the mouse and you'll be happy. Yeah there are lots. I've talked to a few people where I've said if your primary use case is at a table or desk and you don't anticipate using this as a laptop don't get this This is a laptop shape the world. You've got one now. The world is full of accessories that try to make laptops more organic four desktop. The beauty of the IPAD is. It's not a laptop. It can become a laptop it can also be put in a stand with an external keyboard and and track pad and be a much more. Ergonomic match for a desk. So only get this if you're planning on using it like laptop if you're planning on using a desktop. Don't spend the money on this. Get a get a stand and a keyboard that you probably already own and a track pad. You may already own and do it that way instead on. Wrap this up with a quote from the end of your view which. I like a lot Apple now sells to more laptops and eleven inch model. It starts at one thousand nine hundred dollars and a twelve point nine inch model of it starts at one thousand. Three hundred and forty eight dollars does a pro laptop prices but guess the IPAD pro is a pro laptop. Now if when you want it to be beautiful. Jason have really sums it up for me. Soldiers that out in the backyard sitting under my redwood tree with the using the IPAD pro laptop. Yeah it is. This comes back to the thing about the weighing like a laptop like judge this as a laptop. I mean there's mitigating circumstance which is if you've got a two thousand eighteen. I've had pro. You don't actually have to buy the IPAD again. You just have to buy the The the keyboard so that's good but in reality like judge this as a laptop. Do you want an IPAD that can also be a laptop? You will pay laptop prices..

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