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And if you look at the layout at the of the state, there is no good way to draw three districts unless Boise is a district. This is how kids kill cod podcasts. The mike. The Idaho supreme court has ruled against the Idaho. Freedom foundation. The citing the voter mandated, Medicaid expansion is legal. So now, we just need the legislature to figure out how to fund it. Right. And so I loved reading into this and something where where the foundation basically was saying that the federal government would have their hands too much into it. And then the supreme court's like, no, we're not gonna listen to you. Because Medicaid is already already has federal governments plus a whole bunch of other programs. So basically like shut the fuck up and go away. So annoying. Yes. You're wasting our time as of recording. There are lease fifty two confirmed measles cases in Washington and foreign origin. My this is how the positive effect of a five hundred percent increase in demand for the memoir in Clark county, meaning that a lot of vaccine hesitant parents have accepted reality now that they've seen measles in their own community right inning to Merrick and. Some kind of flower doesn't help. You know, essential oils turmeric Cardamom, and there's some curry powder, and oh, wait a second. Guess butter chicken going on here. Good for food not for preventing to cider vinegar..

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