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Then I do think that this is a real conversation between him and Mark Williams on who is duke's number two prospect. We just spent 25 minutes talking about duke, though. Do you have any other strong opinions you want to get off your chest before we move on? Because I have one more. And I'll give you the floor. My one strong opinion is we do have to give parliament his due. He looked like point forward Paulo at times out there against Texas tech. When he threw that little lob to Mark Williams, he was making plays off the dribble a little bit less of the hesitation off ball reversals. He still had one early last game as Arkansas when it got to him. It was beautiful basketball. It was like three ball rolls. It got to him. He's like, I'm going to dribble. And then he dribbled and then got back to me shot it again. Just shoot the first one. We've said it a million times. So when he's clicking and not overthinking, he looked really, really good up there. Yeah. No, I agree. The thing that I want to bring up is that I've been hard on coach K throughout the year. I don't think he's been awesome. I don't think he's put this team in position to succeed throughout the regular season at the level that it was possible that it could have. I've said throughout the season, I thought this was by far the most talented team in college basketball who had the highest ceiling in college basketball and they weren't reaching it and I felt that they weren't reaching it in part because of some of the things that coach K was doing. Defensively, some of the things coach K was doing in terms of letting the guards just kind of have free reign to do what they want when they aren't good enough decision makers to really be allowed to do that. They stuck with Jeremy roach throughout the year. Jeremy roach looks like a potential like 2023 second round pick, something like that. Looks like a guy that could end up in the NBA at one point. They've really started to run the offense through Paula Ben Carroll more. He's dialed up his own defense twice now in the last two games that has been critical to their success completely flummoxed the other team in terms of the way that they run offense. I think we really have to give coach K as props..

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