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Oh is going to ask you for an extension just his zero don't even way forces you hear the message start talking just two zero that's going to take you to barbie she'll go getting of signed up give you a shopping show number ask you how you want to pay for the items and your often run ticky about five minutes okay can co have they information right what i gripped by yeah well when i turn my sheet in after the show shield match that up with your number and it'll all go through which is fine okay great thank you thanks for calling what were you l'estang were you listening at here in springfield or start ozark the fine town of ozark will thanks for listening and we're glad you're part of our shopping she'll family now okay great thank you uber levin forty nine is are timeless take another call here high you're next on the shopping show i i i was wondering what you have your way move heroin and brand new well let's see here i have the best western censure point in and quality in west those are both meyer hotels that have to be used by october 30th you cannot use them wiekens between now in august 12th or weekends in october uber otherwise uk's and through the week best western conference center that's by silver dollar city i have the branson surrey in the dockers in and the dear run motel okay are you lent him the third here that you mentioned how mature dourthe those are 45 either one you can have for 45 okay um recliners at your down on seventy in a show just one second era no the centrepoint nra no you didn't do anything wrong i'm just got some sheets in here some you exactly where they are ants okay centrepoint in the suit quality in west quality in west as the corner of shipley the expressway in seventy six okay the centrepoint in is right beside the titanic so that was probably the closest to the middle of house of brands and why don't you go ahead and give me to send her find an.

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