Jean Smith, Urban Meyer, Rape discussed on Sean Hannity


Nearly an hour today. We'll high state football coach urban Meyer answered questions about what led up to a three game suspension as he returned from it. He talked about the domestic violence allegations from two thousand fifteen against Zac Smith. Now, we handled it with Jean Smith and others to paraphrase. Text. It was I do not recall the events of two thousand fifteen please advise I do not wanna be wrong at media day, and that text was out there. And that's that's why I sent out he apologized for what he said big ten media days in July myhrl, said Smith denied the allegations from two thousand fifteen and that police did not indicate there was an incident Meyer also said he tried to help Smith after that I made a decision which and I talked to gene about it. Let's get him. Very intense counseling, let's monitor this closely and Trump's trying to stabilize this guy. So he can be a good father and support the family of the way he should. And that's what we did. Smith was fired after a civil protection order was filed against him by his ex wife, Courtney with regard to his text messages. Myer says no issue Stanford change the settings on his phone to delete texts after one year, and that was months before the subject came up Myers said he will change how he handles people in the future multiple law enforcement agencies looking for a man who they say threatened to harm a number of government officials, including President Trump the state highway patrol says Sean Christie's a wanted fugitive who was in a crash on I seventy one near Mansfield on Sunday. The ISIS Kristie posted his threats toward the president law enforcement officers and a district attorney on social media in Jim is considered armed dangerous yet another rape reported at Ohio University in Athens, making it seven cents star the fall semester police say a woman reported Friday being sexually assaulted back in may by someone. She knows the Athens county prosecutor says it is. Possible. The number of rape cases are well within the average range, but more reports are being made now still universities have been reminding students of the various transportation options, they have to help get around campus and stay safe at the state house. Jared Allen NewsRadio six ten WTVN. Some more news today related to the Ohio State football team on the field. The game September twenty-ninth at Penn. State now set for seven thirty pm kick-off also defensive tackle Draymond Jones was named big ten conference defensive player of the week for his performance in the forty to twenty eight win on Saturday over TCU Jones had an reception return for a touchdown in the third quarter of that game. I'm Scott Jennings. Your ABC six first winning weather forecast is coming up in sixty seconds. The department of agriculture's working with farmers to safeguard the fruits and vegetables grown here to prevent foodborne illnesses federal law now requires certain farmers to take steps that ensure fruits.

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