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It's only while supplies last so please welcome back. The creative director of oprah daily. Adam classmen ask. I couldn't be happier. Great to see you and grades everyone out of your kitchen. We're so glad to get out first up better. Not younger is a fabulous. New haircare line that is developed for women over forty because as we age. Sodas are hair or scalp people. Forget that there's volume shampoo is treatments for your scalp. It will give you back all your resilience. They'll make curls started balanced great for anyone with thinning hair and is also a fabulous product which is called super brow. So it'll help make all your browse fuller and thicker. Who knew there was. Brad you saw yes next up from ceo beauty online. I loved these beauty. Patches are amazing. They are made with medical grade. Silicone you put them on. Your is your far. Had your last line you neck. They have even for your chest in your hands where them overnight and they really help. Smooth out new wrinkle formation. And kurt wrinkles that you have already in place all night. Last night i wore them last night. I woke up. They were in place brand new them. They're krause skin care. Line that helps lifts and s- cult your body and your face fabulous line and there were usable. Okay yes very. Good these pre okay. It's a new season and you know the instant way to update your wardrobe is with brand new. Accessories is a hot trend. The resin bangel trends. He's stack them up. You create arm candy. We have everything from a fabulous set of color. Like you wearing right now or all. These great neutrals canvas really does fabulous jewelry enough so you could buy them alone or you could buy them prepacked stack. they're wonderful. That's great really wonderful. This is the most fabulous water bottle. I have ever discovered it keeps you hydrated but it also keeps you organized because everything will stay hot and cold for a very long time. It's a secret compartment underneath year. So you can stash your keys. Some money bureau credit card so when you go for a walk the path exactly exactly and then they have great taste almost like leggings for your bottle. So you're just weird of yourself. You're ready to go for your bottle. Yes because it's not bulky. It's super cool. And i love that. It's awesome love them. Okay my next favorite thing. This is a great gift from of fists up late. This is going to be a family heirloom..

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