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Ever versatile Rob Kendall. I only hope someday I will have a statues so that an angry mob might take it down. Ah, well. A California pair has been charged with vandalism for defacing a black lives matter Mural in the City Street. This is 42 year old Nicole Anderson and 53 year old David Nelson, who are facing civil rights violation and vandalism for $400 fine and possession of tools to commit vandalism or graffiti. There could be accused of a hate crime for covering up the Martinez street mural with black paint. Now it's important to note important. The mural had been officially permitted by the city, and they had approval to place it on the pavement, so it was not Vandalism when it was placed on the pavement, But it was vandalism. When you are defacing a properly permitted work of art, you might object to it. But that is technically destruction of property. So while I don't agree, necessarily with their actions, I think there is still some hypocrisy here. Now, Rob you are aware of the similarly black lives matter. A mural that was painted in Washington D. C. Yes, okay now, within hours of it, having been freshly picked placed on the pavement. It was defaced by black lives matter. Protesters. They spraypainted all kinds of obscenities on the thing. Cops get me hot. Bowser got me hotter. This mirror doing crap, Ola. Stop and defend the police fudge. The murals change the system. We want change, not appear on. You know, just a litany of other things. He's a Bowser. That was a character, Mario. I'm not sure what the connections are all there, But But, yeah, that was one of the things spray painted on there, and none of those individuals are being charged with hate crimes. So if we're going to stick with consistency here Which is vandalism against permitted public works of art than those black lives matter. Protestors should be similarly charged with a hate crime wells, and it's interesting here because a Sze Yu know I've been very hot about these murals that say some really what they're threatening. There's no other way to say it threatening stuff and the mural of dish on Reed, who shot at the cops and is on his Facebook shooting into a residential neighborhood at all sorts of warrants for his arrest, and some people were, you know, responding on what would happen if we took I'm down. What would happen if we, you know, painted over a minute, And it is interesting. Maybe get charged with a hate crime. Who knows? I don't know. I mean, I guess if you don't want to look at in downtown Indianapolis, Ah, guy who shot at the cops or you don't want to look at someone who has a signed this is justice or else right in the heart of downtown. I guess you just got to not come here, Which is what I'm doing other than when I have to work here. I mean, we you and I are advocates of property rights Rob, and if these works of art have been properly permitted or allowed by the The instant you know, in this case, business owners by the institutions in which their display then none of us have the right to go up and to face these things, But the standard should be equally applied. If it's a black lives matter protestors to facing their own monument, But here's the thing. In our downtown Indianapolis. Look at all the damage millions upon millions of dollars of damage. People literally died 25 felony arrests. That's it, Ethan, I watched. I guarantee 200 people on the Internet, do it, And there's been 25 felony arrests. That monument to people who gave their lives to free people was defaced. Awful. Terrible stuff was written on it. And nothing happened. So if it can happen there, nothing happens. Why does it happen here? I'm not for the facing property. Trust me, You know, I got on my hands and knees and cleaned up awful stuff written. At the police on the state's statehouse lawn because Eric Holcomb wouldn't do it. So you know me. I don't believe in to facing property. But the question is, why can they do it? And nothing happens and somebody does it here and something happens. Yeah, No, absolutely. It's a double standard at play, and unfortunately we are being held hostage by this national conversation right now, with no seeming solution or no easy solution in sight. Unfortunately, that brings us to the clothes. Of this week's edition of Saturday night on the circle. Thanks for sticking around, Rob. Thank you for filling in for Dr David route. I really appreciate the hard at work. I mean, heck, you've stayed in station, you know, practically all week all day every day from Kendall hard at work. And again, I thank you for staying tuned to 93 W I b c, I leave you with my parting words of wisdom, as always. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, and whomever you're with, Remember that life is a.

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