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If you guys recall we talked about how I had a great layout to for how you could ultimately do naomi taking on bianca belair at then you could also do naomi jimmy teaming up to take won't be janka and montas four. Go back and check out the money in the bank po. Show when you guys get a chance and You'll hear it out not to kind of i don't wanna bore the people that already had heard it the first run but go back after this show and check it out. Good shit i i promise you guys good shit But terawatt is saying that becky lynch should go to smackdown to be worth her husband rollins for the road Smack smack down see. Here's here's the really weird thing right. Now here's the really weird thing right now. In regards to smackdown as a currently stands. Okay so now you got naomi and usually pedo insider. They're they're pretty well point pretty accurate with their with their reporting. I'll give them props for that. So you're gonna have naomi over there right now. okay You've got live morgan. Who's coming along. So you gotta give her props for that live mortgage coming along. You've got carmella yet. At any time. The trigger could be pulled on her to help carry the women's division for a hot minute there. And that's great. That's great okay. Who going to have chase after carmella at title. You know if you if you need to break that glass and and you need to go there with carmella. You can definitely go there. You got bianco belair. You've got sasha banks and kind of feels though especially given what had went down there with the sp's may if you wanna maybe do something. I don't know if you guys are aware you know. Wwe they were being represented at the sp's and sasha banks bianca belair were there. They posed together for these nice little photos. And all that and it's got so many people just chomping at the bits over those photos like some people feel you know route to. Let's go so you know. Obviously you can kinda you know maybe do something air but the point is you still got sasha banks and play on smackdown Oh tony storm is getting ready to make her smackdown debut.

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