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Because what have been allowed previous administrations have essentially allowed vertically integrated exclusively between these huge transport providers and the only thing that's going to save any of this is potentially meany broadband and if this merger goes through we will once again have a narrowing of who controls the hardware controls the pipe controls the content some of us do not have choice so we have still have the internet but what happens when at says okay in order to get internet you have to take our our content package you can't separate them it's gonna leave less dollars for you to have alternative connections now the good part of the story is these close worlds are brittle and they can be underminded when a reasonable attractive alternative gains traction and when people get pissed off enough so again municipal fiber brought works on portent and why we should all be big time supporters of this because once the cable his completely controlled and the content that is controlled the goes down it except for me what you can put in a browser that's kinda scary but if you have the separation of state and church with the the state being in this example the content in the church in the pipe you use separate those two again these there's going to be no separation of carriers anymore that's not gonna make sense the only way we do as work around him and what's amazing is what that committee said in nineteen seventy four looks pretty reasonable and pretty understandable if you look at things today.

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