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Hey, but I don't think she's on the same in the same zone or coast, maybe as bashing I'm paradise. But. She got wind that this was going to be a to be continued episode. And was like this is the week. I'm going to peace out so rude. I can't believe it very very rude. But we have some fun things. We've store news to talk about and for those of you who miss Haley, which of course, you do. She recently appeared on. It's called were nap for those of you who don't know, Robin. Akiva, Nita podcasts. Rob has podcast on the chiller wraps, Laura. I would say, okay. Where they attempted to match me and she had to lend her love expertise because Robin Cuba. You know? They're not the love experts and Dany show experts. So definitely check that out to get your Healy fix this week. If you haven't already so funny. Yes. Exactly. So. News talk about. And you're the perfect person have on hand for some of this news here because there are some baby news. Maybe news of your own which maybe is old news. But not everybody knows right? Whatever. But yeah. Like Beckham m pregnant she was pregnant now, she's not she's not anymore. Jade's pregnant again too big story. And I guess learn be is still pregnant got married. All right. Anybody else? Be lauren. Yeah. I guess her name is Lauren base. Learn burnham's. Now, it's probably Loren L Gallison us too much. But yeah, Becca had a baby girl, and they weren't didn't know what it was until. She was just shopping. It's shocking because I've been to the the OB, and they just like accidentally have said it like seven times. Did you wanna know? Or I totally the first time they said it they were like, oh, wait, did you not want to know? And it's good thing. I did because you. Ask just like. Casually announced it to you like, oh, and you're having like khazei nowadays, there's a blood test that you take in your first trimester that will tell you definitively the sex of the baby, but like just on the results, and she just like thought, maybe the doctor had already told me, so the nurse just set it, and I was like, Nope. That's the first time. I'm learning about that. So so cavalier, and then like other appointments like another nurse will come in. And just do like an ultrasound. And she'll be like, oh, look at the little boy. And it'll be like it's a good thing. I know like jeez. So shocking to me that she was able to keep that sort of secret. Great. You know, I wonder if is a nurse. I need some excitement. And yeah. Neetu? It's like a little bit more laid back there. I think when it comes to like prenatal care. It's like much more like hippy dippy, so not to offend anybody. But right, so maybe she had fewer appointments. I don't know maybe east coast. Yeah. Maybe it's like the coast vibes like west coast. They can deal with the uncertainty of not knowing. Planner's? Yeah. So you always knew that, you know. Yeah. I didn't need to be a surprise. For me. Exciting choosing the name. I feel like is very stressful. And I don't think I would wanna like wait talk to the baby is born. I think that's what and her boyfriend are doing because they announced just planning their Instagram content. Well, and their stake hearing it, but so So. friendly. So I haven't announced a name. So I thought we could just kind of guess, some potential names or name themes. We could see Becca am going with then we'll have Haley either judge next week on which comes closest to the type of Actually says. it says. All right. So you're the guest go here. Never. I don't know actually it's really hard because I feel like she's like so young. So it's probably going to be something. Like super hip or. I don't know something really trendy and this girl, right? It's a girl. I'm so wherever you are not as buoyant at all, I'm so happy. But like we're having a boy, and I only had baby girl names picked out. I just I just knew them. So. Options with girls. I feel I totally maybe she's going to name it like something that you would also find a dog be named Tilly daisy like flower flower where all right..

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