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Cap wanted to stop his sister in law Nancy from leaking information, but as brutal as cap was he was apparently not willing to mess with Nancy McCoy Hatfield. She was described as a hell cat willing to kill any man who crossed her in law or not so cap steered clear of Nancy in targeted. Her sister. Mary who he believed to be the recipient of Nancy's leaks. One summer night cap in his hired hand, Tom Wallace dawned masks, and led a group of a dozen men to the house of Mary McCoy Daniels and her husband Bill Daniels. According to one account Bill Daniels was away that night, leaving his wife elderly mother and children alone cap and Tom Wallace entered the home and rip thirty five year old Mary out of bed. They dragged her to the fireplace and forced her to kneel in front of it. Cap had brought with him a cow tail mopped from one of his life stock and used it as a punishing lash. He whipped Mary across her back until she fainted, the men trudged out leaving Mary unconscious later, she identified Tom Wallace as one of the attackers from the distinctive white streak in his hair. Mary Nancy's brother Jeff McCoy soon heard about the attack this fourth child of Harmon McCoy. Oy. Hastily grabbed his gun and went to the home of Tom Wallace, Tom escape, Jeff's clutches and ran cap hatfields cabin as Tom hidden inside. Jeff trying to scare him out by shooting up the place. It didn't work, but it angered cap Hatfield unhappy to find his cabin riddled with bullet holes. A short time later cap and Tom went out in search of Jeff McCoy when Jeff realized they were looking for him. He led them on a chase through the woods. Jeff tried to swim across the tug for river. But as he reached the other side and began to climb up the Bank cap Hatfield Anton Wallace spotted him and fatally shot him in the back. The following spring of eighteen eighty seven Tom Wallace was discovered shot dead near his home in West Virginia. Most residents believed he was murdered by Jake and Mark McKoy the second and third children of harm in McCoy the McCoy brothers claim they had nothing to do with it. But they had been vocal about their grudge against Tom Wallace ever since the beating of their Sister, Mary and the death of their brother, Jeff this back and forth. Vigilantism seem like it might go on forever in eighteen eighty seven five years after the pom-pom murders sixty two year old Randolph McCoy still hope that the law would intervene to end the violence. Although with authorities had thus far been ineffective in bringing any hatfields into custody. Randolph still had an important ally. On his side, Perry Cline? Perry. Cline was a friend of the McCoy family with his own grudges against the hatfields. His sister Patty Klein McCoy was the widow of in McCoy, which meant that Mary Nancy Jeff lurk and Jake were his nieces and nephews he wasn't pleased about their repeated run ins with cap Hatfield. Not only that Perry. Cline was still nursing an even older resentment Perry had once been the neighbor of devil Anse Hatfield until Deva. Lance sued him for trespassing and took five thousand acres of his land. As a settlement Perry. Cline had moved at pike. Ville in the early eighteen seventies by eighteen eighty seven. He was thirty eight years old and had become a lawyer. And prominent democrat among Kentucky's political circles, it was an election year and a man named Simon Bolivar Buckner was a democratic candidate running for governor Perry Cline made Buckner an ally by. Promising to campaign for him in his part of the state Klein delivered and Buckner was inaugurated on August thirtieth eighteen eighty seven. Perry. Cline was quick to call in a return favor. He asked the governor to finally act on the Hatfield indictments Buckner agreed and issued a five hundred dollar bounty for each of the hatfields capture on September tenth. He contacted west Virginia's governor Willis Wilson and sent a formal request. For extradition of the men Wilson was slow to act so Buckner also appointed a friend of Klein's a deputy sheriff known as bad Frank Phillips to bring the men in twenty five year old bad Frank Phillips was described his graceful looking with a smooth hairless face and soft expressive is his delicate appearance. Led many to underestimate him in truth. He was a ruthless two nations bulldog of a man. Over the next few months bad. Frank led several raids into West Virginia in search of the indicted hatfields, the participants of the Paul Paul murder firing squad were forced into hiding. They couldn't stay in one place for more than a night or two out of fear of being caught. They lived like nomads moving around from the home of one relative to another and even camping in caves and ditches the hatfields knew that this life was unsustainable. Deva Lance even tried to bribe Perry Cline with two hundred and twenty five dollars to end his pursuit Perry Cline kept the money, but he didn't stop bad Frank from continuing his efforts. On New Year's Eve of eighteen eighty seven the hatfields had been invading bad Frank Phillips for three months and avoiding their indictments for five years. They seem resigned to the fact that they might soon be arrested and charged if they couldn't stop the raids they could at least eliminate any witnesses who might eventually testify against them that afternoon devil. Lance his sons cap and John C his nephew cotton top mounts, and a handful of others men in the home of Jim Vance. The held a council to make sure all the men were in agreement together they worked out a plan to murder sixty two year old Randolph McCoy and his family. Jim Vance seem especially vehement that it was time to end the feud once and for all in a final tidal wave of violence, his great nephew cap Hatfield was similarly eager. But some members of the family were having second thoughts. Thoughts. As soon as the sky grew dark. The men were ready to write off to the McCoy homestead if any of them felt unsure about their mission. Jim Vance had taken care of that. He had whipped them into a bloodthirsty frenzy. He blamed the mccoys for all the troubles eight had since Frank Phillips had started hunting them down. But devil Anse felt strange to his own surprise. He felt reluctant to go through with their plan. He wasn't a coward after everything he'd done. Nobody could accuse them of that. But he was tired every time he closed his eyes to go to sleep. He wondered if he'd wake up to find the barrel of a gun pointed at his face. This was all happening because he killed those McCoy boys in a fit of rage. Now uncle Jim wanted to finish off the rest of the McCoy, Ken. But what good would it do if anything it would only bring more indictments? On their heads. The men were ready to go loaded with guns feeling numb devil. Lance started to walk towards his horse. But then he stopped. He told the men that he was feeling ill. If they wanted to go ahead. They could he would even give them his best gun, but they would have to go on without him. Jim. Vance led a group of nine men across the tug fork river into Kentucky the temperature was freezing earlier that day. There had been a downpour, sleet. But the skies were now clear leaving the group with few obstacles essay road. The group's snuck up a hill leading to Randolph Sarah McCoy's modest cabin as a crept through the darkness. They crashed into a fence sending the post clattering down the hill, the group hastily retreated worried that the noise had warned the McCoy's of their approach after a quick discussion. They decided to call the attack that night. But Jim Vance insisted that they all return the following night January. I eighteen eighty eight in order to finish the job. Coming up. We'll talk about the New Year's day massacre and the aftermath now the conclusion to our story. After twenty years of bloodshed between the Hatfield and McCoy families, a group of Hatfield men decided to settle the feud once and for all led by sixty one year old Jim Vance the troop headed for the McCoy family farm on the night of January. I eighteen eighty eight on a mission to kill the whole family. Around ten thirty pm the men lined up in front of the farmhouse inside the large family slept Randolph McCoy his wife, Sarah as well as four of their children who still lived at home twenty five year old Calvin and his sisters twenty nine year old ala fair seventeen year old Adelaide and fourteen year old fanny and addition there were two small grandchildren Mel and Cora. They were the son and daughter of Tolbert McCoy left fatherless after the Paul Palmer's as the Hatfield mauled move forward. A dog began to bark the McCoy family woke up in alarm Randolph in Calvin grab their guns and began to fire at the doors. John C Hatfield took a bullet in his shoulder and cotton top mounts was shot in the arm. But this didn't stop the hatfields from returning fire. Jim. Vance took a match to a bag of cotton leaning against the house and the cabin began to burn. Allah, fair dashed outside to grab a bucket of water from the well to put out the fire as soon as she left the house cap Hatfield and cotton top mounts began to shoot Allah. Fair was struck in the chest. Her mother, Sarah, ignore the bullets flying in all directions and raced out of the house to Allah fair side, Jim van spotted her and ordered her back inside when she ignored him. He struck her with his gun barrel knocking her down and breaking two of her ribs. But Sarah kept moving forward now on her hands and knees crawling to Allah fair before she could reach your daughter Johnson Hatfield leapt Ford ambassador school with his pistol. She finally collapsed unconscious overwhelmed by smoke Randolph grabbed his grandson Mel and ran to a neighbor's barn Calvin tried to follow but was fatally shot in the head his sisters Adelaide and fanny. He managed to escape the burning house with Cora at that point the hatfields began to retreat smelling, the smoke neighbors arrived to help they carried the unconscious Serra McCoy to the home of her oldest son, Jim, but Allah fair was beyond helping she died on the ground or she had fallen the McCoy's buried their children, Allah Farren Calvin the following day afterwards Randolph wrote back to pike Ville to again, press Perry. Cline for help Klein intern advise bad Frank Phillips to double his efforts a few days later bad Frank planned, another raid into West Virginia. He took with him a twenty three men posse including several McCoy family members. The group discovered a trail of blood on the ground year Randolph McCoy's burnt out cabin bad. Frank had a hunch that the blood would lead to an injured Hatfield. So they followed the trail soon. They came across Jim Vance and cap Hatfield. Jim and cap dove behind some rocks as posse thunder toward them. According

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