Online Services, Powell discussed on CodePen Radio - #144: Integrating Braintree


And i would say as a user as someone who pays for online services another thing i know that i've done is sometimes i don't have my credit card number handy but i know my username a password for pay pow toto it actually is like it's very tiny bear here to entry but when with payments everything makes the difference so as a user paying for services you might be like whoa my credit cards in the other room and i have my username password i can just type that in and it makes it really simple and just the difference between saying oh the credit cards neil room you may not even sign up for the service 'cause it's just a hassle at that point sure yeah i mean that just any kind of friction that we put in place can lose the sale entirely and then another perspective that we have on paper this is something that we should verify now that we're taking pay pal payments again to be true is we believe our theory is that tape how users will churn out less because inside of pay power you have multiple forms of payment like i said you can you can attach a checking account and a credit card account and usually when you use pay pow it's like you're paying for several different things and that pay pow account for you will never ever change whereas with credit cards credit cards will expire you will cancel that credit card and use in other credit card but a user doesn't normally closed close out their pay powell account in start a whole new one as frequently as you do with.

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