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Three people were killed in a car crash in Sheldon investigators said that car left the road hit a tree in northeast Harris County a fourth passenger was also airlifted to the hospital in unknown condition U. S. Senate votes ninety six to one to approve more than eight billion dollars in emergency spending to fight the culvert nineteen outbreak president trump expected to sign that bill today and what a waste of a good beverage the makers of Austin based Tito's vodka are warning against using their product for homemade hand sanitizer during this Coleman nineteen seer if it it's pretty good Vargas it's only forty percent Vacaville wouldn't kill the bacteria anyway more on these stories no KTRE dot com coming up at the bottom of the hour Pasadena living clearly reliable KTRE traffic and weather next on the ten falls by twenty three now here on Houston's morning news all right one of the big other big stories of the coronavirus of course is what Chuck Schumer said to say that rally and being reviewed by Chief Justice John Roberts and just about everybody else in Washington D. C. as it turns out including Mitch McConnell and Raymond Arroyo Raymond Arroyo here's what he thinks about what Chuck Schumer's real agenda is by what he was saying about Cavanaugh and Gorsuch false rumors for it wasn't physical it was in a way much more corrosive to our Republic he was threatening an issue based impeachment against the two newest members of the High Court in other words if you even think about holding in a way that restricts roe V. Wade we will annihilate you Schumer doesn't speak casually appalled mostly about these issues he was delivering a message to these justices especially Cavanaugh you may think you're safe with life tenure but if Jones wins the White House we will turn over every stone in your personal and professional life and devote all our resources to destroying you and removing you from office remember they don't think you need high crimes and misdemeanors anymore a casual abuse of power charge is enough for the schools to start screaming impeachment wow he got a lot of that world wind coming up more other than I did interesting meanwhile course we have Greg Gutfeld doing what Greg Gutfeld does best on fox being snarky here's what he said about Chuck Schumer so what is Chuck Schumer really is not a firebrand or a bomb thrower he's just a follower following them the abortion movement has moved from the valley of abortion being legal and rare to come one come all it's a descent into the irrational we're one deny science as a way to deny limits to their demands and in this move where abortion is no longer a tragic decision but a choice to be championed laughed about even bragged about it's understandable that a week an anxious man like shock would find themselves swept up in the hawkish fever for casual termination of the small and inconvenient funny how some in the media worried that the judges were being threatened no trucks just another empty grandstanding joke the judges can take care of themselves pity those who never have that chance yeah you know normally with the guy in charge emerge from Brooklyn New York doubling people from Brooklyn New York are a little bit more director in the threats I'll cut you off at the kneecaps that kind of stuff I'll punch in the face they'll talk about whirlwinds five twenty six newsradio seven forty KTRE it's time to take a look at your money order Donna hall well we had another one of those better part of a thousand points down days yesterday what is this morning looking like well speaking of punching in the face is taking.

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