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Just find it's it's they should have midnight when we're all indoors. Now, we can watch the game. To ruin a Sunday afternoon by being indoors watching football is just insane to me. So would you anyway, so is going on that flatbed and picking apples with a bunch of strangers children and a guy named at least? You're breathing. Air is true. And a guy named Pago steering going. These white people are stupid, but I don't know I bang on his money to pick. The apples is crazy to me. The go-to field three. Let's go to Johnny and quakertown PA, Johnny. You're on New Jersey one of one point five. Hi, good afternoon, guys. Yeah. Yesterday was a summer day. And I mowed the lawn for the first time in what felt like, you know, three weeks a month almost like beginning, August, we had more rain at in the first week August out here, then we then we usually do the whole month of August. And since then it's just been cloudy and rain, and it's like, you know, like vegetables tomatoes are getting moldy zucchini is is crap in the garden. So yeah, it was good to see the sun. We had that dry spell to John at the end of August where you didn't need the mow the lawn there for a while. And then this last week of gloom. I guess everything got a little bit overgrown with the vegetable gardens toast. Yeah. I'd like to wet mold and fungus and the wife wants to start spraying, you know, anti-fungal pipe stuff. But you know, forget about start over next year. One of these football fans, it's sit indoors all day on Sunday. Never good for you. I Johnny, thanks. There's a group of people think you're not a man unless you know who the starting. Oh. Married to one of those non men who doesn't know. Right. And then people will say to him. Your husband doesn't watch football. No. He's not a man leave him alone. He identifies as a woman. He said other gender. No. That's what I'm going to go into the cigar stone, a good your, whoa. How come you're like if I I went after the game was over because I knew if I went in during the game watching the game. Are you serious, and you were afraid it was going to like affect their opinion of your? Already know that I think it's silly to run my life around it. They know. But if they ask me questions about it. I know the Tampa Tampa Bay is very good that he was going to have a tough time yesterday. Whence isn't back yet. They still didn't have sproles got injured before at least participate. Absolutely. But I'm not gonna invest my entire day indoors watching other men do athletic things and make a lot of money with it. I don't blame. You. Sharon is in watching other athletic men in tight shorts. Make a lot of money while I'm sitting on a couch in my buddy Jimmy's basement eating nachos. Not appealing to me. Sharon's in planes were host. Sharon. Hey, how are you could? How are you? I'm very very well. I just got back from Larry Cadillac get my haircut. Oh, this is the Larry Cadillac Cadillac's house. Larry doing. Larry's doing great. And I gotta tell you. I was an aspirin park yesterday with my husband, and it was summer. The beach was crowded the boardwalk was crowded, the farmers market was superb. Where's the farmers market as berry? It's right on cuffing. Okay. Next between in the lake. That must be the most fabulous French breakfast radishes. So french. What is it? In their pink on top and white on the bottom and they're sweeter than regular radish. And you cook them in butter. Thank god. Thank God, vibrant, gay community. They're probably sold plenty of them. Oh, well, you know, it's a vibrant community period. You would like them your saute on with a little red onion and Wilton little spinach on top and toss it it's fringe breakfast. Radishes sounds expensive. Yeah. All right. I probably marketed by another name a few years ago, and they sat and rotted on the show. So they said, let's call them. They were like, I'm not I right. A poop route it was poop river. And so we said, let's call something people will buy it fresh breakfast. No, no wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. They were French breakfast. Radish is a little girl. Never heard of it. Oh, my years ago. No, you don't. Italy all the time. I was in Marseille, I was a minor French as the Brooklyn of France, the French cabdriver told me not to go in there and common vibrant, aren't very good. We learn a lot with you. Sharon, thank you. Appreciate the call to New Jersey one one point five. Breakfast radishes and something you find in your friends underwear in college. Again, if you ever run for supreme. Not gonna make it. More than one woman from California coming up with the story. Absolutely. Because I don't know what you were doing. It sounds like a euphemism for something else. French breakfast radishes? Yeah. All right. Me, right. Breakfast radish. I'm killing you punch from right? I won't be able to breathe for about an hour. Correct. Right. Well, forty five fast traffic coming.

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