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A new national survey finds one in five americans actually wants the second amendment repealed retired supreme court justice john paul stevens agrees he's one of the most prominent voices to come out with this but dr gerald trees he's the dean of the south texas college of law says retired justice disagrees with an opinion but it makes a good headline he's a very brilliant man i don't think it's gonna lead to anything other than you talking on a beautiful day about what's second amendment some say this all stems from an inability to stop mass shootings a texas judge has revoked the bond for the mother of a teenager who used an affluent defense regarding a fatal drunk driving wreck tiny couch was booked into the tarrant county jail yesterday court documents she failed a urine tests required as a condition of her bond but don't don't specify what substance that you a revealed backer closer to home some prominent east austin leaders are filing petitions this morning so you have a chance to vote on code next in november in case you're not aware code next is the name of the land use rules rewrite that has been going on for over a year now leaders of groups like the nwea cpa and po dare say people are taking notice about what kind of damage the new rules could do to their neighborhoods here's attorney fred lewis there are people are finally realizing that by granting a citywide up zone in increase in the entitlements that we're essentially going to gentrify huge parts of the city mayor steve adler is called for code next to increase affordable or public housing eric like him newsradio klbj general motors new ridesharing wing.

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