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But if you're a new castle fan, are you what do you mean? What do you mean, if you're Nukus if your wrath of Benitez, he wants to do better they've got back from this summer are I think he should leave. He's the chance to build something. They're amazing if the board would just walk with him. Yeah. Sunday, seven AM another away fixture for arsenal. They go to Leicester City arsenal. In the midst of this rough patch clearly losing back to back games. Like you said, maybe they have an eye on what's happening the rope elite as well Sunday night. Oh, five AM Burnley. Manchester City wanted to ask you we didn't mention this before and talking about city rain, sterling made some comments about racism in football. I think it was skysports. He was talking to any suggested nine point deduction to clubs whose fans are found to have been making racist chance. I mean. It's certainly something that should be considered. I don't think a lot of ideas should be off the table right now considering the Hobart things of of gotten people trying to obstacle at the point by saying, oh, a look what is somebody goes into a ground and deliberately says something to get another team. I wouldn't put it past certain animal fans to be that way wouldn't. Look this spirit of what he's talking about that this. Of course, this could materially harm team is what I like about it. It's a genuine punitive measure, and really civilized society. Can't believe it's come to this particular Sunday eleven thirty Manchester United and Chelsea to clubs battling right now for a top four spot. Chelsea currently occupy the fourth spot. Brutal blow though for them and more. So for the player himself Callum Hudson door who now finally seems to be getting his chance. Sorry is starting to play him playing decently. Well, and then he ruptured his achilles. And he's done for the year. Almost entirely meet means that it seals his fate somewhat that he is going to be a Chelsea next season. It's not going to be the case where it will. You're gonna give me guarantees that. I'll play it's like you have to rehab combeback. Nobody's buying them in in the current condition. He'd be in though. So it's it's a shampoo. Yeah. Really unfortunate. Let's see JJ MLS Saturday five pm Vancouver and Philadelphia. I'm starting to wonder if we underestimated the union a little bit we thought, oh, Marco Fabien. What does that signing Doria? What's he going to be an all the sudden, they look I mean, they look great April. Andrew we. So we just shouldn't analyze we shouldn't talk about it. No. All right. No, no red card. Let's go. You know, if you want me to say underestimate the union, obviously..

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