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One time thomas whiffed on his passing neutralize pull couldn't picks it up his shot what's again but this time into the quarter look at it will try that every time and see what happens i guess again and swedes around the boards we san diego held at the blue line by weber for the wow shifted to the corner where eight a link can only was the puck this team goes down as jordan samuel status chipped it down the ice short of icing picked up by weber there was sixteen twenty three in the second he works in the near corner crosses from near to far stretch pass up the middle of the ice can only working across the blue line get stuff i will prevent on right wing as shot that allowed knocked down my and run jumping on at least the ever and fifteen welcome almost four minutes of the second period the gulls get the power play only team with the shot rate now is the i went seeing they want this i was he's one of those teams it's it's back and weights and you know they aggressive on the peak a in the neutral zone they flood the zone and when they get the opportunity they're coming in there put the socks on that it's not indicative of that shot count right now seventeen eight with the it compared to seventeen probably the better shots off the dry around they try to get the puck in deeper along the far wall the puck was shipped to it open the year won't rank hooper could skate on it turns out the middle of the ice lagging air to is back yeah tried that beat the back door the puck was swept away one extra pass wagoner behind the net now chips a roller to the far down here make that not the between the legs it drop like banks back out tonight at the four point fourth minute off the clock sixteen fifteen forty five left in the second one one time dropped skips one to the near corner for san diego skull like oh so in kanter's pressure gets checked out is happ by ryan leaf drop think it's dropped in the corner penalty is coming up penalty.

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