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We're going more inland to to more of the farm area of a kaieda because the other wonderful thing about kaido in the summer is known for its lavender fields. It's flower fields. it's agriculture because in tokyo. They have this amazing fruit. They're like these perfect these perfect grapes. They're huge plum. You can even get a square watermelon. But they're like hundreds of dollars. They're very expensive. These square watermelons. They put them in the like they. They put them in like square boxes right. Yeah they're really cool. The presented beautifully. But in where a lot of the stuff is groans. You can go and actually like pick the melons and you know. Eat these for a lot cheaper. So this is this area called For for rondo. Which is sort of all amanda. Okay okay you might be doing some stuff there too but basically the next morning isaiah is irradiated with me and go. You know what okay. You're you think you're so cool. Why don't you play on today's activities. Do okay fund should turning the tables. I love it okay. So we're going on a soft serve tour a farrand. Oh my god. This looks amazing. Okay and our first stop is farm to meet which has always lavender fields rainbow flower fields blooming for miles and they have an iconic lavender. Soft certain this looks so good. okay. I love soft serve. I love it. So i m japan is known for its all around japan by. I think in hokkaido because they're so dairy focus. It's like really good so then right next to farm to mita which you should check out their website. It's really cool. There's something called the tomato melon house and this is now this. There's a picture man is a picture of a cantaloupe melon. Cut in half and there seems to be a giant mound of soft. Serve on it. It looks looks good. And you know. These melons are just so ripe. And they have a medley of just mellon treats. Yeah i love this and there's like a little. It's a little farm stand. There's a little gift shop like. They have probably a little melon mascot. I'm not sure about that. But i assume we're not done because then we're going to drive about forty five minutes away to a sunflower field where we're going to try sunflower soft serve. Whoa my brain. Just six load. Wow.

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