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From New York, this is democracy now. I don't think I can make it all the way out there. It's all the way up the peaks and all the way up the hill. As the world watches as Star Trek actor William Shatner blasts off into space above the harsh West Texas desert. We spend the hour looking below at a tragic story from the region, the disappearance of a long time U.S. resident who crossed the border in an attempt to reunite with his family in Utah. Armando alejo Hernandez hasn't been heard from since early May. Will speak with his 17 year old son and Armando's brother. Then look at the broader crisis along the border, where an unknown number of migrants are dying of dehydration and heatstroke. The border patrol station is making these people walking that deep sand. We're very little water. I love it, let me help you. I'm trying to have some information regarding a family member who is missing. We'll speak to the leaders of two human rights groups in Texas, as well as the co director of the new documentary missing in Brooks county. All that and more coming up..

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