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Kansas. Also went down lost at St. seventy seven sixty so Landers prediction that the cyclones finished second. The big twelve looking good right now, they might finish. I I s you as now twelve and to overall to in the big twelve the losses came to Maui and at Iowa, but it should be noted that I was short handed in those games into wigging to had been out most of this season. He missed games to tin sideline with footage you, but he's back now didn't play well against Kansas. But he did play. Meantime, and this is the big news center. Doke Buki did not play against Iowa State now Sunday night Bill. Finance the dope needs season ending hand surgery tore ligament is right hand during Friday's practice. Now, the initial x-rays did not show the torn ligament, but he had an MRI on Sunday morning and it did show the tournament done for the season for the second time in three seasons. The only played eleven games as a freshman because he tore ligament is left hand will only play nine games this season. I because of a sprinkle now because of a torn ligament in his right hand or Lander big of a deal is this for Qin's. It's significant because I had Kansas winning the national championship is my preseason pick. I'm gonna walk off that now I think he s Buki is that important of the player for Kansas. And I know that teacher Clawson has been awesome. I think he will continue to be awesome and gets even more valuable Kansas still capable. I wanna be clear here Kansas with its roster. And it's talent is still capable of winning the national championship. That's not up for debate. They've been less talented teams by a long shot that if won the championship. I just don't I do not see Kansas as a top five most likely. Team to win at all. And I say that and we'll maintain that. Even if it does what I expected to do. And that's when the big twelve again because that is state law there. I'm also curious if there are any listeners who by chance grew up in the Illinois, greater Chicago area, attended Kansas and are are experiencing. Just a terrible Sunday a terrible weekend in that for the bears. And then your favorite team loses to Iowa State. And you lose your starting center. I have serious condolences to you. If by chance that those pass across with any of our listeners as a bookie being out is also a little bit of surprise. And this by the way comes down with like two minutes ago in the bears game..

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