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Geoffrey rush also kind of looks like a composer just with the white bowtie and the crazy lion dance got the you can picture i'm holding a baton yep merit poor gilman port theory oldman it's hard to tell from vaxjo catch a brain so boy by franco's timing is it all about putting a pen on i mean this out what started it it's this thing yeah that's what got the ball rolling that's got people noticing on twitter overly he gets to wear a pen did you hear my story that by right is there more on i'm worse than i think we said yesterday there's five allegations um all of you know some has recently i think it last year if not a is his third off criminal stuff or he's trying to get laid stuff don't know i don't know i don't i don't think enough details come out about that ensure out enough you have any now that are all mixed up together the honor to too you know who who danced the dance was allison brie on the red carpet for i believe the gold gloves because she's married dave franco his brother who died of their both in disaster artists together and they put her on the spot for e which e usually i i think it's more who you're wearing but they said you know what do you think james franco's your brotherinlaw she she hit it out of the park with just right down the middle now's the time to listen to women of course i support my family you know he's my brotherinlaw and i support them but this is really a time to listen and be heard by the victims and i love my brother i mean just back and forth dance and and dropped the mike and kept walking what it would also you're supposed to say a great time for opinions no not all right let's let's bring it home you got it i'm gina grad and that's the news adam wants to starve children.

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